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Requesting to install client-side certificates on OutSystems PaaS



Requesting to install client-side certificates on OutSystems PaaS

When consuming webservices external to the OutSystems Platform and considering the Client-server model, the OutSystems Platform servers are, in this scenario, the client-side, and the servers that host the webservice, the server-side.

Applicable use case

For when the server-side requires authentication via a certificate, the client-side needs to be configured so that it bears the certificate to be able to send it on it’s requests to the server.

The client certificate will then need to be configured manually in each front-end of the intended environment. For OutSystems PaaS environments, this operation will need to be performed by OutSystems support.

This option is available depending on your subscription, check here for more details about Cloud service delivery requiring direct assistance from OutSystems Support.

Requesting the service

You’ll need to open a support case and:

  • Provide the client-side certificate:

    • in .PFX format, with password
    • any other required root certificates, in .CER format, if not yet included in the .PFX
  • Make sure to be clear about what environments should the certificate be installed in.

What will OutSystems deliver

OutSystems staff will install the certificate in all the necessary front-ends and notify you once the operation is complete. The path to the certificate is provided so that you can use it in your integrations.