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OutSystems Service Studio for Mac

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  • Service Studio is being rebuilt to ensure you have a native experience whether you use macOS or Windows.

    New cross-platform Service Studio

    The new cross-platform Service Studio is available as an Early Access Program (EAP), and you can apply now to start using the next generation of Service Studio that includes the following improvements:

    • Native cross-platform experience for macOS and Windows.

      Service Studio with native experience for macOS and Windows

    • New design with better usability and support for dark and light modes.

      Service Studio with light and dark mode

    • New productivity features all-around such as New CSS and JavaScript editors with improved highlighting and autocomplete, and easy inline Edit Data support.

    To apply, go to the OutSystems Early Access Program page, select the Cross-Platform Service Studio program, fill in the form, and select Apply.

    Other ways to use Service Studio on macOS

    If you don't want to be an early adopter of the new cross-platform Service Studio, you can still use Service Studio on your Mac with a virtual machine running Windows and the latest supported version of the Service Studio development environment for Windows. Check the development environment system requirements.