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OutSystems Cloud and time zones


OutSystems Cloud and time zones


The OutSystems platform has a strong requirement regarding time settings for the involved parts (front-ends and databases): they all have to be in the same time, and with little offsets. This is explained in this article.

In the OutSystems Cloud the following rules apply for time zones in Enterprise infrastructures:

.NET + SQL Server

.NET + SQL Server infrastructures are set to work in the UTC time zone. This configuration cannot be changed.

OutSystems Cloud allows a limited set of configuration changes, and only when those changes can be applied throughout the lifetime of the customer. The underlying technology (SQL Server RDS) does not allow this level of flexibility for the time zone configuration.

Applications that need to deal with time zone differences from UTC need to consider that from the early phases of development. Techniques for achieving the result can be found in components such as the (unsupported) Timezone forge component. Other techniques may be used to obtain the same effect.

.NET + ORACLE or Java + Oracle

.NET + ORACLE or Java + Oracle are set to work by default in the UTC time zone. It is possible to change the time zone in this setup to accommodate business needs.

If you wish to change the time zone of your OutSystems platform please contact OutSystems Technical Support with the indication of the timezone desired.

Please note that, due to restrictions from our underlying technology (Oracle RDS), the first change of database time zone is a simple process, but further changes require a more complex process that implies large downtimes.
For this reason, make sure to request the correct time zone when asking for the change. OutSystems Technical Support will ask for re-confirmation for this specific reason.

Changing the time zone adds the following restrictions to the Outsystems Cloud:

  • add front-end in self-service is no longer available - request the operation OutSystems support when needed;
  • add environment in self-service is no longer available - request the operation OutSystems support when needed;
  • recovery operations in the event of a disaster may take longer to complete.