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How do I transition from the OutSystems Public Cloud to on-premises?

To move from the OutSystems Public to on-premises, or to another Public Cloud, follow the steps below. You may transition one environment at a time, effectively building a hybrid deployment.

  1. Set up the physical infrastructure and network connectivity. Don't forget connectivity to external APIs and databases.
  2. Install the OutSystems Platform.
  3. Contact OutSystems Support to get the license(s) you will need for your on-premise installations.
  4. Import the data from the OutSystems Public Cloud. You have a few options, such as:
    1. Direct database access credentials and third-party database tools;
    2. Use or customize the Data Extractor forge component:
      • currently available for SQL Server, but you can use the source code to adapt it to Oracle, if needed;
      • use may use this component to extract the data, and then implement your import own procedure;
    3. Develop your own data extraction mechanism with OutSystems.