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How can I change the Timezone of my OutSystems Platform Cloud Infrastructure?


How can I change the Timezone of my OutSystems Platform Cloud Infrastructure?


In order to have your infrastructure working with OutSystems Platform, all front-end servers and database servers must be using the same timezone. Not having this synched can lead to erratic behaviours both in the platform and the deployed applications.

.NET + SQL Server

Unfortunately, we will not be able to change the timezone of your infrastructure if you are using OutSystems Platform Cloud on a .NET + SQL Server stack. This is a limitation of the SQL Server Database architecture we use.

However, we are happy to inform you that we have produced a component to help you implement a workaround for this usecase.

You can adapt your applications to different locations by using the following component available in OutSystems Forge: - This component allows you to convert datetimes between different timezones.


In order to change the timezone of your OutSystems Platform Cloud Infrastructure please contact OutSystems Technical Support so we can schedule with you a proper date for the maintenance task over your environments. Please indicate in Support Portal case to which timezone you want to change.

You will experience downtime in a period no greater than 30 minutes for each environment in your OutSystems Platform.

Please note that, due to restrictions from our infrastructure provider, applying a timezone at the database level can be done swiftly the first time, but changing it later will require a more complex process that implies a maintenance operation with a much larger downtime.

For this reason we want to make sure that we are setting up the correct timezone. OutSystems Technical Support will ask you to confirm the timezone you wish to configure in your OutSystems Platform.