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Deleting an application that is manually deployed to a container

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  • Before deleting an application that was manually deployed to a container, you first need to change the application's deployment zone to "Global". You may also need to restart the Windows service OutSystems Deployment Controller Service.

    1. Find your application in Service Center > Factory > Applications and click on its name. A page with a detailed view of the application properties opens.
    2. Go to the Operation tab, and in the Deployment Zone drop-down list select Global. Click Save.
    3. Still on the same page, click Publish.
    4. Undeploy the application from the container. Verify that the undeployment process was successful.
    5. Verify the Deployment Zone is still Global, click Delete and confirm the deletion in the pop-up window that opens.
    6. If the deletion was successful, you will see the following message at the top of the page: "The application was deleted successfully". If the page hangs after confirming the deletion in the previous step, restart the Windows service OutSystems Deployment Controller Service running on the machine.
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