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Container Deployment Early Access Program

OutSystems is currently reevaluating the approach for container deployment and due to that this Early Access Program is currently suspended. If you have any questions contact us by sending an email to


With the OutSystems 11 release, you can now deploy applications developed with OutSystems using container technology. For more information on this new capability please check the OutSystems documentation.

Why Early Access Program?

At OutSystems, we declare General Availability for a product capability when that capability has been proven in the field, from all perspectives including robustness and fit to use cases. Considering the architecture changes associated with deployment in containers, we will need a bit more time.

During the program, we want to adjust the program to actual use cases and perfect the user experience. To facilitate this sharing and a smooth deployment, we provide all customers with direct contact with our Product Management and R&D teams and dedicated support for any issues faced during the process.

While the Early Access Program lasts, the “Deployment to containers” capability will be accessible only to customers who join the program.

Who can access the program?

Any customer with a valid OutSystems subscription and using OutSystems 11 may apply to the program. Keep in mind that, for successful adoption of containers technology, customers will need skills in the administration of container infrastructures and orchestration of deployment pipelines. OutSystems administration skills are not enough for successful deployment to containers.

Deploying to containers is not available for Environments running in the OutSystems Cloud, including Personal environments.

How do I request access?

Learn about OutSystems support to container technologies, including capabilities, limitations, and system requirements described in our documentation. Then, send an email to requesting your company access to the program. Please include technical details about your project such as the container technology you want to integrate with (Docker or Pivotal Cloud Foundry).

Our Product Management and R&D teams will reach out to you and set the program in motion.

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