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Temporary Access to Database Backup



Temporary Access to Database Backup

The access to a database backup is designed to help customers to recover from unforeseen technical events, with significant business impact.

Customers can extract the needed data from a previous point in time or perform tests.

Please note, access to a database backup is subject to our standard 15 days retention policy so you'll only be able to access a backup to a point in time within the last 15 days.

This service is available only for Production type environments hosted in the OutSystems Cloud.

Request Temporary Access to Database Backup

You should request this service by contacting us using any of our contact channels, available here.

Please include:

- the point in time of the backup you want to access;

- the target environment, if you have multiple production environments;

- the business justification for this request.

OutSystems may, at its own discretion, agree or decline to provide this service, based on the business justification. OutSystems will not provide this service on a regular basis, so you should not include it in the design of your regular tasks or development processes.

For how long I’ll have access to the backup?

OutSystems will make this temporary database available for direct access by the customer for 1 week.

Upon OutSystems approval, this period can be extended when given proper justification.