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Access the database of your PaaS

To ensure the high-availability and security of your PaaS, the databases used not accessible from the internet, so you can't connect directly to them.

Request access to your PaaS databases

If you have an Enterprise or Enterprise SAP Subscription, you can request direct access to your PaaS databases.

  1. Contact OutSystems Technical Support

By default the databases are not publicly accessible. In your request be sure to indicate what option you prefer to be able to connect to the database servers:

  • Create a site-to-site VPN from your internal network to the database server;
  • Allow connections to the database server from your company public IP. Let us know what public static IPs should be allowed to connect;
  • Allow connections to the database from any IP. This option should be avoided for security reasons.

After you've submitted your request, OutSystems support will contact you with the database credentials.

What permissions are granted

To ensure the high-availability and security of your PaaS, we'll give you:

  • Read and Write permissions to the data;
  • Read-only permissions to the platform meta model.

Note that you won't have DDL permissions on the databases. You can still use the OutSystems Platform IDEs to create new database objects.