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Changed the hardware and the license stopped being valid

An environment Serial Number is based on the hardware of the server with the controller role for that environment. Changing the hardware of that server, changes the environment Serial Number, making your license invalid.  Changing the server with the controller role, can also make your license invalid.

Invalid Serial Number.jpg

If this happens, you'll need to obtain a new license from the Licensing portal by following these steps:

  1. find and release the previous environment in licensing; and
  2. register the environment using the new serial number

If you need any assistance with this process, contact support. To speed up the process specify both your Activation code, the new Serial Number of the environment, and the Service Center version. When you receive a confirmation from the support team, you can download the new licenses for each environment on the Licensing portal.

More Information

Be sure to check How to install an OutSystems Platform License.