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Upgraded an infrastructure and the license stopped being valid

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  • Your license might be limited to a specific OutSystems Platform version. Some licenses are associated with a specific OutSystems Platform version, to ensure the license has all the capabilities that a platform version supports.

    You can check if your license is limited to a particular version, in the environment management console. In the 'Licensing' screen, search for the 'Platform Server Upgrade' entry. In this example, the license is limited to the 9.0 version.

    Even if your license allows to upgrade to a newer version, there may exist features in the newer version that require a new license to become active. To understand the capabilities of newer OutSystems Platform versions, and whether you'd benefit from upgrading your license, contact your account manager.

    Upgrade to an higher version

    To upgrade to a version higher than you license allows, you’ll need to obtain new licenses.

    To request the creation of new licenses you should contact To speed up the process specify both your Activation code, and the version you'll be upgrading to. When you receive a confirmation about your license upgrade from the support team, you can download the new licenses for each environment on the Licensing portal.

    More Information

    Be sure to check How to install an OutSystems Platform license.

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