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Managing your subscription contacts

This article contains the steps required to review and update the Financial and Technical contacts that are assigned to your OutSystems subscription.

Why do these contacts matter?

The Financial and Technical contacts are the key contacts that OutSystems reaches out to for decisions around your OutSystems subscription, including but not limited to setup, configuration, upgrades, renewals and permissions.

Where can you manage subscription contacts?

Subscription contacts can be managed in the Licensing Portal.

Who can manage subscription contacts?

The Financial contact can only be managed by OutSystems staff. To update this contact please reach out to your account manager or OutSystems Support.

The Technical contact can be managed in self-service by the the following people:

More Information

Need to update your support contacts? Check the Managing your company permissions on document.

For any question or assistance updating your subscription contacts please reach out to your account manager or OutSystems Support.

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