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How to free up an existing environment in licensing

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  • This article explains how you can remove an environment in the Licensing Portal - an operation which is relevant when your team is performing the following operations:

    • upgrade your OutSystems Platform infrastructure;

    • transfer an OutSystems Platform environment across servers;

    • change server hardware;

    • sunset an existing OutSystems Platform environment

    If you need assistance while installing and managing your server licenses contact OutSystems Support.

    Releasing an existing environment

    Access the Licensing Portal and select your infrastructure:

    Look up the environment for which you want to get a new license file (making sure that the serial number matches):

    To get a new license you will have to release this environment (dissociating it from the previous serial number):

    • click 'Release Environment';

    • fill in the reason for the license invalidation;

    • click 'Release'

    If your infrastructure as been flagged for abuse the environment release will not be immediate: it will trigger a request to OutSystems licensing to review your request.

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