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Add a new environment to your infrastructure

To add a new environment to your infrastructure will depend on the type of your Infrastructure.

On the cloud

If you're using the cloud-based version, navigate to the infrastructure management console (LifeTime). On the right-hand side, click the 'Options' menu, and choose 'Add Environments'.

We'll contact you if we need more information, or if this implies changes to your subscription.

Add a new Cloud Environment to your Cloud Infrastructure

To add a new Cloud environment to your Infrastructure, select either option "A new production environment" or "A new non-production environment". Name the environment as you wish and select the correct order of the environment.

Add an On-Premises environment to your Cloud Infrastructure

If you are setting up a hybrid infrastructure, select the option "An existing environment". Input the IP address or hostname of your On-Premises environment and its Service Center "admin" user credentials. Make sure the environment you are adding has SSL enabled.

Hybrid configuration is only supported in OutSystems licenses purchased before January 2020.

If you are performing this action with a user with undefined email, you will be prompted for your email. This email will be associated with your LifeTime user from that point on.


If you're using OutSystems Platform on-premises, you need to get a license for the new environment. To learn more about this, see How to get a license file for an environment.

Each subscription has a limit on the number of environments that can be licensed. If you need to add more environments but have exceeded the limit of your subscription please contact support.

After you have obtained the license and installed it in your environment, you'll need to register the environment on your infrastructure, following these steps.