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OutSystems on Microsoft Azure


OutSystems on Microsoft Azure

OutSystems solution template for Microsoft Azure Marketplace provides you with an OutSystems 11 infrastructure with four environments: Development, Test, Production, and LifeTime. At the end of the setup process, you will have an OutSystems infrastructure running on Azure configured according to OutSystems best practices.

OutSystems Infrastructure

The deployed OutSystems infrastructure is summarized in the following diagram:


Learn more details about the deployed infrastructure in the quick reference. 

High Availability Option for Production Environment

You can choose to deploy a high availability production environment having an additional front-end server, so the incoming application traffic will be distributed across both production servers spreading the request load.

Alternatively, you can deploy a standalone production environment with a single server playing the roles of front-end server (FE) and also OutSystems Deployment Controller service (DC).

Horizontal Scaling

Development, test, and production environments are ready for horizontal scaling at a later stage with Azure scale sets. This scaling operation is exclusively done in the Azure Portal, so you don’t have to make any changes in OutSystems to register the new front-end servers.


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