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OutSystems Platform SysAdmin Quick Guide


OutSystems Platform SysAdmin Quick Guide


The documents linked below provide System Administrators and DevOps with a wide overview of what OutSystems Platform is all about. You can also find the official discussion around this document here.

Introduction to Architecture

Architecture Overview (Technical Note - PDF)

OutSystems Public Cloud Architecture (KB Article)

Security Overview (KB Article)

Standard Architecture with No Lock-In (Technical Note - PDF)

Setup and Installation Process

Introduction to Licensing (KB Article)

System requirements (KB Article)

Network requirements (KB Article)

How to install OutSystems Platform? (KB Article)


Configuring Lifetime (KB Article)

LifeTime User Manual (Online Help)


Information logged by the OutSystems Platform (Technical Note - PDF)

How to troubleshoot Platform Server (Technical Note - PDF)

Anatomy of an Error Stack (Forum Post)

Certified Posts in the Community Forums (Multiple Forum Posts)

Accessing Support

Reaching out to OutSystems Support (KB Article)

OutSystems Support Terms (Official Document)

Support ticket severity levels (KB Article)

Support Portal FAQ (Support Portal Page)