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What’s new in the OutSystems Certification Program



What’s new in the OutSystems Certification Program

If you’re an OutSystems certified developer, you might have noticed the new certification badges. Cool, right?

These new badges are just the first step in some exciting changes we’re making to the certification process. Here’s what else we’ve been up to: 

  1. Certification expiration is a thing of the past. Why? Because from now on, certifications will be based on the product version, and not on a time period. This means you don’t have to renew your certification anymore.
  2. We simplified the pricing model and It’s now visible to everyone.

To learn more about the available certifications visit this page.



1. Which certification level and platform version will appear on my profile?

It depends on your certification. If you’re a certified Mobile Associate Developer 10 and a Web Professional Developer 9, your profile will update to:

  • Mobile Associate Developer: OutSystems 10
  • Web Professional Developer: OutSystems  9  

We’ll continue to distinguish the mobile and web path in your developer user profile.


2.  What will happen with expired and suspended certifications earned after 2015? 

Certifications will be updated according to the release date of the major OutSystems version.

 Certification acquired date Certification level Platform Version
1 January 2015-31 December 2016  Web Associate Developer 9
After January 1, 2017  Web Associate Developer 10
After January 1, 2017  Mobile Associate Developer 10
After January 1, 2015  Professional or Expert Developer 9
After January 1, 2015  Professional Support Engineer 9


3. What will happen to expired and suspended certifications that were taken before 2015?  

People who were certified before 2015 have already lost their certification, so it won't show in the user profile or website.  

Feel free to contact us through the support portal, by choosing the training option for any additional information.

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