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How many certified professionals do I have on my team?

    OutSystems certification is an important step in a developer’s career. For managers, having certified developers on their teams is a crucial benefit because it’s an assurance of proficiency and skill. So, we are making it easier for managers to register their teams for certification and to track their progress along the way.

    From now on, all managers with infrastructure administrator and company administrator roles (read more about these roles here) can start the process of registering their teams for certification in Account Settings in the Customer Area portal. If you’re a manager with one of these roles, all you have to do is a click a button.



    You can also monitor the certification progress of everyone on your team and learn whether your developers passed or failed the exam. You’ll instantly know how many certified professionals are on your team.

    If you don’t see your team in the customer area portal, you might need to invite them (read how to manage members).

    To learn more about the available certifications visit this page.

    Feel free to contact us in the support portal, by choosing the training option for any additional information.