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How Do I Transfer My Community Activity and Certifications From One Account to Another and Then Close It?

    To transfer your community achievements and activity from a duplicate account, start by logging in to your community profile.

    Access the Settings area and then choose the Merge Accounts option.



    1. To merge your accounts, you need to be signed into the account that you want to keep. You’ll keep this account, and information from the duplicate account will be moved to this one. (See the next FAQ to find more about what information will and won’t be moved.)


    2. Enter the email address and password of the duplicate account. This lets us know you own the account.


    3. You will see a message like this:

    4. Follow the instructions on the email and merge your accounts.



    NOTE: You can reuse an email address that was deleted (but you cannot recover the activity). You just need to follow the sign-up process again.


    What Information Will Be Transferred?

    The following information will be transferred from the old account, whenever applicable:

    • Accomplishments

    • Achievements: All the achievements will be moved. However, in terms of the profile creation date, you will keep the oldest one, applicable also to the following badges: Welcome, Profile Superstar, First Idea, First Component, First Post, and MVP.

    • Bootcamps Participations

    • Certifications

    • Different courses started

    • Forge components

    • Forge components' subscriptions and votes.

    • Created Ideas and comments.

    • Ideas' likes and followers

    • Topics and Posts

    • Post votes

    • Private Messages

    What Information Won’t Be Transferred?

    For security reasons, it won’t be possible to keep your account permissions (Customer or Partner Area) or your personal or enterprise environment. For that, you must ask for permission from the company administrator. Customer and partner center have sensitive information about the companies, and we want to make sure that only authorized people can access that.


    Important Note

    Please, bear in mind that if you have a Personal Environment linked to your “From Account”, this one will be recycled without a backup of your data or any applications you have built on that Environment.