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See the code generated for an app and detach it

Development and delivery teams can check the source code that OutSystems generates and detach it. A tutorial in the IDE walks though the process of creating an app and getting its source code.

Using the tutorial to see and detach source code

To start the tutorial:

  1. Navigate to the environment management console at http://<yourenvironment>/ServiceCenter.

  2. Navigate to the Administration tab.

  3. Click the Licensing submenu.

  4. In the licensing page, choose the eSpaces Source Code option.

5. Click the No Lock-In tutorial option. The IDE opens, and a tutorial guides you through the process of detaching the source code of an application.

After the tutorial is finished, you can continue to experiment with the application and detach its source code as many times as you want.

Independent code review

QAT Global has reviewed the code generated by OutSystems. Check their report.