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Why OutSystems?


What do Gartner and Forrester say about OutSystems?

Forrester and Gartner have a lot to say about OutSystems.

What does Forrester say?

In the first-ever Forrester Wave™ report specific to low-code development, OutSystems is named a Low-Code Leader. Forrester defines low-code platforms as: “Platforms that enable rapid delivery of business applications with a minimum of hand coding and minimal investment in setup, training and deployment.”

Forrester lists the crucial differentiators of low-code platforms and their value as:

  • Visual configuration of virtual data models and integration: Reduces time to value and enables the embedding of data elements into forms, workflows and business logic

  • Visual configuration of business logic: Lifts logic from code, reduces time and simplifies change.

  • Responsive user interface and native app design: Provides engaging user interfaces that excites customers

  • Management and monitoring for application development and delivery process: Streamlines and speed development and increases developer productivity

Forrester identified OutSystems as the leader because we offer a complete, enterprise-proven and self-service platform that lives up to the low-code promise with:

  • Speed of delivery, even for complex applications

  • A strong commitment to rapid, low-code tooling for all aspects of application development, delivery and maintenance

  • The most comprehensive and advanced platform for application management and administration

  • A development environment that enables organizations to use existing resources or non-traditional development talent

Download the report.

In addition Forrester has identified OutSystems as a leader in a Forrester Wave™ report focused on mobile-specific low-code. According to Forrester, “Mobile low-code development platforms are an offshoot of the broader category of low-code platforms designed to support the particular needs of mobile apps ... These products go beyond general-purpose low-code development platforms by including features closely associated with mobile infrastructure services platforms or mobile middleware products, including support for mobile notifications, enterprise mobile management tools, and support for offline caching and filtering of data when devices aren’t connected.”

Forrester recognized OutSystems as a leader, and also recognized the following points:

  • OutSystems strong performance “reflects its commitment to enterprise customers via extensive low-code tooling for semi-professional and professional developers.”

  • OutSystems strengths include its “broad features and tools for database, integration, and collaboration, coupled with an extensive set of mobile features.

  • OutSystems customer references “like the easy maintainability of the apps they’ve created, and … the ability to use a wider range of developer skillsets to build mobile apps.

Download the report.

What does Gartner say?

Gartner has named OutSystems a visionary with highest ability to execute in two Magic Quadrants. In the 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant for mobile application development (MADP) and the application platform as a service (aPaaS).

This is the first year OutSystems has appeared in the Magic Quadrant for MADP and the fact that we're a visionary in our first appearance is notable; most companies start out as niche players. It is only our second year of inclusion in the Magic Quadrant for aPaaS. 

Gartner says, “Visionaries in a market are innovators that drive the market forward by responding to emerging leading-edge customer demands and by offering the businesses of their customers' new opportunities to excel.”

Offering a detailed analysis of the major MADP and aPaaS vendors, Gartner makes it clear that vendor offerings may differ significantly, even in the same quadrant. However, a rise to visionary in both categories in such a short time, means OutSystems is the right software to help speed your mobile application delivery and exceed your organization’s goals.

Read the Magic Quadrant for MAPD report in its entirety.

What does this mean, exactly?

Gartner and Forrester both recognize that, with our flexible, low-code platform, organizations can create web and mobile applications quickly and change them on the fly. 

With OutSystems, organizations can pave the path to a new way of connecting with customers, employees and partners as part of their digital transformation. We make it easy to transparently integrate these apps with existing systems and data sources, thereby enabling a broader number of people to build useful applications. But most importantly, all of this is done in a governed, methodical way that fits in the operational and security guidelines of most IT organizations.

So, whether you have a single mobile application or a mission-critical application, OutSystems is ready to help you build and deliver it quickly and then change it even faster.