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Can OutSystems Platform handle heavy batch processing?

OutSystems Platform supports the execution of batch jobs. The Platform Server includes Scheduler Service that wakes up at scheduled times, retrieves the next pending job and starts its execution by invoking the scheduler code. Schedulers are distributed on all Front-end Servers and job load distribution is controlled by the Scheduler Service.

Developing batch jobs

Batch jobs are developed in the OutSystems development environment. These are called Timers. The Timers simply allow a team to schedule the execution of business logic.

Managing batch jobs

OutSystems Platform management console allows users to manage timers, namely:

  • Monitor the execution of Timers

  • Edit the Timer settings (schedule, priority and more)

  • Force the execution of a Timer 

  • Deactivate/Activate a Timer

  • Browse the logs of previous executions

Monitoring the execution of Timers:

Editing the Timer settings: