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Can I build high-volume transactional applications?

Yes, apps can be built to handle handle extreme user load with OutSystems. Companies in industries like telecom, insurance, and health care, have been using OutSystems to create applications with very high loads. As a matter of fact, OutSystems' very first customer was a telecom company, so transactional performance has been a priority from day one.

To enable this, OutSystems extends standard web application server stacks. This enables teams to use traditional scaling strategies like:

  • Horizontal scaling

  • Load balancing

  • Vertical scaling

  • Database clustering

  • CDN (content delivery networks)

  • Reverse proxies


Additionally, OutSystems optimizes the source code of applications. The optimizations include:

  • Optimizations to the page size

  • Prevention of duplicate AJAX requests

  • Partial screen rendering using AJAX

  • Reducing the database load by only fetching data that is used in the application

  • Smart database to memory algorithms ensure datasets are only loaded to memory as a last resort

  • Database connection pooling