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Is there an enterprise app store for OutSystems applications?

OutSystems Now is a native mobile app, available in the Apple Store, Google Play, and Windows Store. It aggregates all multiple mobile apps, inside a native application shell. All apps running inside this shell will have access to the device's native capabilities, such as camera, barcode scanning, geolocation, device calendar, contacts and filesystem. 

View the OutSystems Now video.

OutSystems Now allows any business user to connect to their OutSystems Platform environment, sign in, and from there have access to all the deployed applications they have access to.

User logs in:

And sees all enterprise apps:

Can use any of the apps:

A set of platform services is available in OutSystems that allows the applications team to customize which apps are available to each user, or create complex custom rules to display them (for example, hiding some applications that are under a decommission process).

There's no need to send URLs for users to access mobile applications. Just have them download OutSystems Now to their smartphone or tablet, and from then on access all the apps in one go.

All applications used from within OutSystems Now are monitored, and a developer team can easily understand the performance users are getting when accessing the apps. They can then properly react before a user even notices any downgrade in user experience.

Named and branded for your company 

OutSystems Now can be customized in order for an organization to be able to brand it to their needs. Branding options include:

  • Name the application with the organization's brand and have it listed in the app stores under the org's name and company ownership.

  • Automatically connect to the org's specific OutSystems environment.

  • Define the company's logo.

  • Customize splash screens, colors, and overall custom interaction.

Here's an example of a branded OutSystems Now app: