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Can I use C# or Java to integrate with existing systems?

Most systems are now offering SOAP web services or REST APIs. Since OutSystems Platform has native support for SOAP and REST, there's no need to hand-code integration for those services.

For software packages and auxiliary libraries that expose their functionality via .NET or Java SDKs, OutSystems Platform allows developers to create C# or Java components. Once the components are created, they can be reused in any application built with OutSystems Platform. Then, they can take advantage of the OutSystems visual IDE.

Implement logic with C# or Java

To create C# or Java components:

  1. Start by creating a new module in the IDE.

  2. Define the methods and their inputs.

  3. Based on the method definitions, the IDE generates the code stubs.

  4. Add the code to the stubs using a favorite IDE.

  5. Publish the module. All external libraries included in this integration are automatically packaged and deployed.

  6. In the built OutSystems applications, create a dependency to the new module and use its actions in the custom logic.

Learn more

Follow these links to learn more about using C# or Java with OutSystems Platform:

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