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Import and export Excel, CSV and XML files

OutSystems offers several ways of incorporating content from external sources into applications, such as:

  • Using APIs (REST, SOAP) to connect

  • Connecting directly to external databases

  • Importing data from files like Excel, CSV, XML, and JSON.

This article addresses Excel, CSV, XML, and JSON formats.

Importing and exporting data from Excel or JSON

Developers can easily import and export data from Excel or JSON directly from the toolbox:


If developers need tighter control of an Excel export, they can use a Forge component called Advanced Microsoft Excel. This component supports data formatting, the creation of Excel charts, and ability to fill in specific cells by providing row and column numbers.

Importing and exporting content in XML and CSV format

Developers can use these integration components  in the OutSystems Forge to import and export content in XML or CSV format:

  • CSV:  Import and export CSV files

  • XML:  Parse XML files