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Does OutSystems help customers build applications?


Expert Services

OutSystems Expert Services leverage our existing experience, success stories, and understanding of customers, users and developers to help organizations meet all of their objectives with OutSystems. We deliver best practices, share advanced knowledge, and address application development challenges in the form of task-driven services for accomplishing specific, well-defined customer goals are provided by expert staff with appropriate domain knowledge. They are ideal for:

  • New customers who want to start a project off right but are not sure how and want expert guidance.

  • Mature customers who want to overcome specific challenges and need expert advice.

OutSystems provides access to a large set of available services from experts, usually remotely, that help our customers with mobile, user experience, architecture and platform. For organizations that are part of our Customer Success Program, we have additional services.


Expert Services can help our customers transform web applications into iOS, Android and Windows Phone mobile apps. Experts provide guidance on using OutSystems Now, a native iOS/Android app that makes all customer enterprise mobile and web apps available to users without having to install and manage each application separately, as follows:

  • OutSystems Now Branding (remote): OutSystems Now design adapted to your branding and some simple customization to help you improve your mobile applications.

  • OutSystems Now Customization (remote): Get an OutSystems Now design adapted to your branding and a full-blown hybrid app customized to your preferences and distributed at app stores.

User experience

To help OutSystems customers deliver great user experiences that are fully aligned to user expectations, Expert Services provide remote user experience (UX) guidance with:

  • UX assessment: Our experts analyze applications and recommend the best course of action to transform them and deliver a top-notch user experience.

  • UX mentoring: Customers learn all about usability and how to implement it in the business context of their applications.

  • UX concept: Customers collaborate with our experts to blend best practices seamlessly into the UX right from the start.

  • Live StyleGuide: ​A large collection of customized pre-built patterns enable customers to make beautiful applications. 

  • Custom StyleGuide: Tailored ​StyleGuides incorporate external designs from any third-party provider, typically for consumer-facing apps.


Expert Services can help customers design or re-factor application architecture for sustainable and scalable growth while ensuring it meets their needs and requirements with:

  • Architecture design: Application architecture is designed to accommodate specific requirements, such as multi-tenancy, high performance transactions, high user count, intensive batch processes, SaaS applications that have multiple customers, and secure enterprise applications.

  • Application health check: OutSystems can evaluate and assess architecture compliance level and explain the interdependencies between apps, eSpaces modules, and widgets to ensure a sound architecture that scales with usage and users. 


OutSystems Expert Services guide our customers through the processes of designing and troubleshooting technical infrastructure to account for high performance and complex requirements or usage scenarios. Customers get help with:

  • Infrastructure design: Experts can design technical architecture and size it to address any challenges.

  • Platform installation: Customers learn how to make the correct configuration decisions during installation that result in the best platform performance and execution scenarios.

  • Platform troubleshoot: OutSystems experts examine applications to identify installation problems and recommend how to fix them.

  • Load testing: Performance and capacity/stress tests are executed to identify application behavior under load and existing application bottlenecks.

  • Platform upgrade: A well-defined upgrade plan provided by OutSystems experts ensures platform upgrades go smoothly with reduced risk and minimized impact on ongoing applications and projects.

  • Infrastructure health check: The performance, reliability and manageability of current production infrastructure are assessed. 

For Success Plan subscribers 

Subscribers to the OutSystems Success Plans can receive additional Expert Services for architecture and infrastructure as follows:

  • Architecture review: OutSystems experts offer advice on current application architecture and evaluate compliance with OutSystems architecture best practices.

  • Infrastructure review: OutSystems experts advise on infrastructure architecture and validate current design for correct specifications, configurations and best practices. 

  • Platform installation "hand-holding": OutSystems experts provide assurance during the installation process with advice and installation oversight.