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Does OutSystems help customers build applications?


Customer Success Program

The OutSystems Customer Success Program is a personalized set of services for delivering the appropriate expertise needed for each customer to fully adopt OutSystems Platform. The main goal is to ensure customers are fully successful with OutSystems Platform adoption.

The Customer Success Program is ideal for those customers with proficient in-house developers who seek strategic guidance, want to accelerate a project or need to develop their OutSystems expertise long-term.

After a company subscribes to the program, a Customer Success Manager is assigned to act as an extended member of the customer project team and be the main point of contact whenever support is needed. The Customer Success Manager takes into account staffing levels, objectives for the OutSystems Platform, and time pressures and then develops a customized Customer Success Program. 

​What is offered?

Two levels of the Customer Success Program are offered. Both levels are customized to the needs of different team and project profiles and are delivered remotely by a combination of phone, email and web video conferencing.

Customer Success Program
Customer Success Program Prime

Designed for small to medium-sized project teams and relatively straightforward requirements

Designed for development teams of any size that want continual strategic guidance for accelerating a project or scaling their development efforts 

Includes a template-based growth plan

Customizes a growth plan specifically for the customer

Provides community support

Provides community support and dedicated expert help with one weekly session of up to two hours

Offers unlimited email support for development questions


Offers unlimited email support for development questions and six personalized master classes on advanced topics in the context of customer projects and needs. Examples of master class topics are architecture, usability, best practices, performance, security, lifecycle, troubleshooting, integration, testing, asynchronous processing, common pitfalls, multi-tenancy, multi language, native mobile, CSS in OutSystems Platform, and JavaScript and jQuery in OutSystems Platform. Other master classes are available and can also be tailored for specific customer needs.

Specialized Expert development services Specialized Expert development services


What is the process?

The Customer Success Program process consists of five stages as shown in this diagram:

1. Kick-off session

The Customer Success Manager meets with the team and describes in detail how the program will operate.

2. Initial developer training

OutSystems provides an initial online training session that covers the OutSystems Platform. These are the foundations that enable completion of more advanced topics such as the topics in the master classes. 

3. Context gathering session

In this session, we collect the necessary business context for us to be able to help the customer. This includes the projects or systems to be built, team structure and members, business needs and goals.

4. Growth plan

The Customer Success Manager designs a growth plan to ensure that deliverables are identified and agreed on and that knowledge and skills to achieve goals are developed. This will be a roadmap of activities targeted for success and includes areas such as architecture, development, user interface design, and platform support.

5. Success path

Customers have 24/7 access to the OutSystems community with thousands of members and to the Customer Success Manager's dedicated attention for help. If expert development capacity is needed, OutSystems offers access to a pool of available OutSystems Expert Services to help with more complex parts of the application. In addition, based on the plan, we propose a set of master classes to fit your specific needs.

To learn more about the OutSystems Customer Success Program, download the datasheet.