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Does OutSystems help customers build applications?


Team Enablement Services

Team enablement services provide customers with coaching and mentoring in technology and delivery methodology from experienced OutSystems Success Team members. The goal of these project-focused engagements is to enable a customer development team to successfully deliver their first application using OutSystems and enable them to become proficient by watching and learning from our experts. These services are delivered in conjunction with a Guided Success Program.

Project Kick-Start

Customers will benefit from this service if they have a development team with little or no OutSystems experience and a business app they need to deliver. An OutSystems team will share their knowledge and best practices and provide coaching and mentoring to ramp-up the customer team’s mastery of the technology. Extra development capacity is added to the customer project team for the first two iterations of development.

At the end of the engagement, team members will have delivered their first app and be equipped with the proficiency to deliver future business apps at full speed.

To learn more about the Project Kick-Start service, download the datasheet.

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