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Does OutSystems help customers build applications?


Customer Onboarding Program

OutSystems customers deserve a great launch. That is why we have an onboarding program that helps them get started in the right direction. So, if you become an OutSystems customer, you get an easy-to-follow initial setup, a dedicated onboarding expert, free online training, and a success plan that is as unique as your team. Onboarding takes approximately 30 days, although that timeline can differ, because not every customer is the same.


The program starts with our Customer Success Team. They guide customer stakeholders through the onboarding process and make sure that eligible customers have the foundation necessary for a successful rollout and adoption of OutSystems. After the process is complete, there is an option for an additional success program.

When does the program start?

The onboarding program starts immediately after a purchase. The Customer Success Team contacts the new customer to welcome them and plan the onboarding activities. A Customer Success Manager is assigned to handle the entire onboarding process and act as liaison with the customer's team.

Who should be involved?

We recommend that all OutSystems customer stakeholders be present for the onboarding sessions. These stakeholders are likely to be:

  • Enterprise architects

  • Program managers

  • Project managers

  • Team leaders

  • Technical team leaders

  • Developers

However, there might be others in your organization who need to take part and they are welcome.

Onboarding process

The onboarding process consists of the following five stages:

1. Initial setup

Because initial setup is paramount to success, we designed an experience that guides customers through the setup process. This ensures that OutSystems Platform will be up and running in your environment in no time, team members will be ready to start developing and your learning resources will be readily available.

2. Kick-off session

It all starts with a Welcome email.... The kick-off session is a great opportunity to get an entire team going at full speed. During this session, a Customer Success Manager will get to know the customer's team, explain in detail the program’s roadmap, and do a complete OutSystems overview. The Customer Success Manager will also give a guided tour of: 

  1. Community

  2. Online Training

  3. Support

  4. Forge

3. Success plan

After the kick-off session, we send a personalized success plan to guide customers through the early stages of using OutSystems. The plan covers areas in development, staging and deployment, and post-deployment, such as 

  • Infrastructure

  • UI

  • Usability

  • Architecture

  • Security

  • Best practices

  • Mobile development

  • Platform support and troubleshooting... and more.

4. Weekly sessions

During the course of the program, customers have 2 one-hour sessions. In these sessions, the Customer Success Engineer answers all the questions customers have. This way we make sure nothing stands in the way of success with OutSystems Platform.

For the duration of the onboarding program, customers have unlimited email support for development questions. This ensures expert help is always available and you're never left wondering how to develop something. 

5. Wrap-up session

In this final session we review the onboarding program with a focus on customer achievements. This session helps us understand how can we improve the program, and helps customers move forward after the program has ended.

Who’s eligible for a Customer Onboarding Program?

Any customer who purchases OutSystems directly from us will be able to participate in this program.

Can I extend the program after it's finished?

Yes, by subscribing to one of our success plans