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Does OutSystems help customers build applications?


Application Development Services

OutSystems Application Development Services help customers ramp up their application projects. We can take full ownership of the development, add capacity to existing teams and make changes throughout the lifetime of an application. We offer options for:

  • Enterprise projects: Ideal for customers who are looking for a turnkey project or need to staff an internal team with additional resources and specialized skills to meet desired milestones.

  • Express projects: Ideal for customers who want to get a small or simple project quickly out the door or are evaluating OutSystems Platform.

  • Change services: Ideal for customers who have applications that need frequent updates or fixes, but do not have the resources to keep up.

Enterprise projects

Our tailored services support customers who need someone to create and deliver a full app of any complexity. We can develop the app entirely or complement existing customer development. There are two levels of services:

Transform Team Service
We build for customers
Deliver Team Service
We build with customers

OutSystems delivers a turnkey project.

OutSystems adds development capacity to the customer team.

OutSystems provides development (all or most).  

OutSystems guides or provides development or both.

OutSystems manages the project.

The customer manages the project.

OutSystems directly collaborates with business stakeholders, providing business analysis, app design, governance and other strategic-level services.

OutSystems provides application design, testing, deployment and other operational services.

The customer is responsible for business analysis, requirements definitions and other high-level project and stakeholder activities.

OutSystems provides consultative technical analysis and design.

Express projects

Express projects are custom-built web applications, mobile apps or both that are delivered quickly. In a period of 3 to 10 weeks, OutSystems builds a full custom application that can help organizations meet business objectives and delivers it into a live production environment. Or, we can develop a breakout app strategy that differentiates an organization from competitors. 

The core principles of OutSystems express projects

Express projects adhere to a set of principles that make rapid delivery possible:

  • Always mobile: The app we develop is ready for mobile devices, whether delivered as an app or a responsive mobile-optimized web portal.

  • Incremental: We build quickly and iteratively in response to customer requirements. Working, usable software is a top priority.

  • Quick time-to-value: Template apps and incremental delivery enable organizations to realize true value quickly.

  • Transparency: Organizations can see the progress of their projects and adjust priorities in real time as their app is built. They can see how new features work and review them as they’re done.

How we build the perfect business app in 3 to 10 weeks

Express projects can take as little as 3 and no more than 10 weeks. This is how it works:

  • Before week 1: OutSystems determines if the app concept is a good fit for an express project. If it is determined that it is a good fit, we will create an estimate and a spec based on a customer's requirements. This specification is a starting point because priorities often shift after a project is underway..

  • Week 1: OutSystems builds a "version zero" app. It’s not a wireframe mockup, but functional software that provides a preview of how a key portion of the finished express project app might work, often within a "skeleton" that illustrates how the rest of the app will be built out.

  • Weeks 2 up to 9: OutSystems builds and delivers functionality daily for as long as it is required. Organizations can access, test, approve, and comment in a project portal called OnTrack. New features and functions can typically be accommodated as organizations view status and control the prioritization of queued requirements yet to be built.

  • Last implementation week: The project is rolled out into production. Whether users access the app on a desktop, tablet, mobile phone or one or more combinations of devices, the app will provide robust functionality in a high-quality, responsive user experience.

  • After the last week: Recognizing that unforeseen post-roll-out issues can present themselves, OutSystems sets aside a set of days (1 per project week) of tuning and maintenance work as part of the project.

To learn more about OutSystems Express Project services, download the datasheet.

Change services

With OutSystems change services, customers can outsource the maintenance of applications in need of frequent updates to OutSystems. Changes are implemented quickly and professionally so they meet customer business timeframe and requirements. Two packaged services are available to address specific requirements.

Change On-Demand Change Team
Small-scale incremental updates, fixes and minor changes Large-scale incremental functional additions, re-works
Services purchased in 10-day increments, consumed in 1-day increments as needed Services purchased in 1-month increments
Team of one half-time technical architect plus one full-time OutSystems developer Team of one full-time delivery manager plus up to three full-time developers
Management by customer Management by customer


  • Minor modifications to an application UI
  • Creation of simple mobile UI for a specific application screen
  • Addition of more fields to a business form-based app
  • Adjustment of business process flow
  • Identification and fixes of minor application bugs


  • Update of a version of an existing desktop-oriented app to provide a responsive, redesigned mobile-friendly user interface
  • Implementation of an additional module of functionality in an existing app
  • Identification and fixes of application bugs or changing of the app to meet significant new requirements

To learn more about OutSystems Change Services offer download the datasheet.