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Will I hit a wall when developing?


Extending with Java or C#

With OutSystems Platform, developers can use Eclipse or Visual Studio to create custom code, publish it and make it available for use in applications. The OutSystems Platform IDE integrates with Eclipse and Visual Studio to enable developers to create extensions to the visual language. These extensions basically wrap standard Java or C# code that can be used in the visual model. Developers are able to:

  • Write their own Java or C# code.

  • Reuse all of the J2EE or .NET frameworks.

  • Reuse existing libraries.

Here is an example of an extension that wraps the Google Custom Search Engine that is available in the Forge.

A visual API becomes part of the visual language and can be reused across applications. The code becomes part of the visual language and inherits capabilities like: 

  • Monitoring: The code will automatically be monitored by the platform. For example, if the code reuses an API, all calls to that API will be measured for performance and logged. Performance reports can be created for them.

  • Exception logging: Any exception coming out of those actions is automatically logged and stack traces can be seen in the OutSystems Platform management console.