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Deploying OutSystems Platform


Deploying OutSystems Platform in the cloud

OutSystems Platform is available as a Platform as a Service (PaaS), providing enterprise-class cloud computing power without the hassle of managing physical software infrastructure. This is called the OutSystems Public Cloud, and deployment is automatic. OutSystems Platform can also be deployed in other public clouds.




Deploying OutSystems Public Cloud 

When organizations subscribe to the OutSystems Public Cloud, their infrastructure is automatically provisioned, configured and tuned for high performance, security and reliability. The OutSystems Public Cloud physical infrastructure is hosted in the secure data centers of Amazon Web Services.

For more details, go to OutSystems Public Cloud Services Overview and OutSystems Public Cloud Architecture.

Support for other public clouds

OutSystems Platform can also be installed in any other public cloud service provider of an organization's choice, such as Microsoft Azure, Rackspace or VMWare

Customers who use these clouds must install and manage OutSystems Platform themselves. For detailed information about the platform installation requirements and process, read: How to install OutSystems Platform.

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