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Standard architecture with no lock-in

OutSystems Platform takes your application models, and generates standard .NET or Java applications that are ready to run on a standard web application server stack like IIS, JBoss or WebLogic. 

Once generated, your applications don't require OutSystems Platform, or any of its components to run.

This approach, ensures that:

  • The application model you create is optimized for performance and security.

  • Your applications are compiled to standard Java or .NET.

  • Your applications run on top of standard web application servers that are independent of OutSystems Platform.

  • You'll never be locked OutSystems Platform - or any proprietary technology.

If you ever decide to stop using OutSystems Platform, you can detach the source code of your applications. You can then manage them as any other .Net or Java application and use the IDEs and version control systems of your choice.

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