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Extending OutSystems Platform

OutSystems Platform is extensible with a platform, environment, tools and features that enable customers to: 

  1. Extend the back-end: If the visual language used in the IDE is not expressive enough, additional components may be written using C# or Java. In addition, developers can search Forge for existing components to speed up development.

  2. Integrate with existing systems: In the IDE, it's possible to integrate with SAP systems, and consume REST APIs and SOAP web services. If there is functionality that is not supported, there are hooks available to extend the integration with custom code.

  3. Integrate with your databases: OutSystems Platform is designed to be independent of the database you use. That's why we support the most common enterprise-grade database systems. However, our database SDK can also be used to extend OutSystems Platform for integration with databases we do not support.

  4. Integrate with your authentication provider: OutSystems Platform has built-in authentication management for your application and IT users. In addition, support for Active Directory and LDAP integration is included. If there is an authentication system that is not included with OutSystems Platform, our APIs can be used to extend OutSystems Platform to support it. It's also possible that there's already a Forge component built by the community, to integrate with the authentication provider of your choice.

  5. Customize the management consoles: If our management consoles don't include what our customers need, they can extend them using our SDK. These consoles are built with OutSystems, so no one needs to learn another technology to extend them.