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Partner Program


Partner Program 2019

PARTNER LEVEL: Certified, Elite or Global (*)

TERRITORY: As defined in Partnership order (**)   

(*) Partner level can only be earned based on requirements obtained in previous year.

(**) Channel Partner must have operations in all countries where seeking authorization, meaning a registered company, an office and a sales team.


The Channel Partner will receive the benefits listed per the Channel Partner level selected above.

Partner Licenses


Internal License (IL)

Yes (only for renewals)

Demo License (DL)

Yes (except Subsidiaries)

Trial License (TL)


Internal License Upgrade Discount

30% (per country price list)

Sales Offerings


Sales to Sales Introductions


Sales & Pre-Sales Enablement


Opportunity Referral by OutSystems


Marketing Offerings


Partner Profile and link to your site from (1)


Access to Co-brandable lead gen collateral


OutSystems Conferences & Events

Eligible to Attend, Sponsor, Exhibit for a fee

Innovation and Partner Awards


Partner Marketing Funds for joint activities


Training Offerings


Technical Enablement (2)

Included Onboarding Plan

5 Support Cases Escalation

Public Bootcamp Seat with Certification Exam


Online Certifications Exams


Certifications Exams Discount


on OutSystems Training Services

for the partner

(per country price list)

Public Bootcamp Seat Discount

In-house Bootcamp Discount

Professional Services Offerings


Expert Services Discount


on OutSystems Professional Services

for the partner

(per country price list)

Project Services Discount

(1) Subject to the attainment of the partnership certifications targets and customer success requirements

(2) Technical on-boarding consists on a kickoff meeting with the head of delivery, to present the partner enablement playbook and definition of onboarding tasks including team skills assessments, application assessment and training plan to bridge skills gap for the first project. Support case escalation helps you to evaluate, escalate and follow-up of created support tickets, to a max of 5 per year.


The Channel Partner must fulfill the requirements described herein for the defined Channel Partner level to receive applicable Commissions, and to be promoted to or maintain Channel Partner level status.





Software Sales




New Customer ARR, Partner sourced (1)

Yes, published yearly on Partner Center

Certified Professionals (unique individuals)




Associate Web or Mobile Developer




Professional Web Developer or Associate TechLead




Expert Web Developer




Customer Success




Annual Projects Registered on partner listing profile with a CSAT request (2)




Average Customer Satisfaction Score (0-5)

>= 4

Legal & Financial




Channel Partner Agreement




Program Annual Fee with order signed




 (1) Partner sourced is defined as an opportunity registered in the Partner Center portal if the prospect registered is unknown to OutSystems at the deal registration date.

(2) Annual Partner Projects must be Registered on Partner Center by the Partner. OutSystems has permission to contact end-customers to request Customer Satisfaction Surveys (CSATs). OutSystems reserves the right to contact customers and send CSAT surveys as part of an ongoing quality assurance process.


The Channel Partner will be paid Referral Commissions as described herein per the following, for each End-Customer directly referred by the Channel Partner or referred by OutSystems to participate on a joint sale. Channel Partner shall submit an Opportunity Registration using the Partner Center portal. The Channel Partner will receive notification within five (5) business days as to the disposition of the registration request.

All Software Referral Commissions are applicable to software subscriptions registered by the Partner, accepted by OutSystems and contracted with the End-Customer, and payable as per the invoicing schedule agreed with the End-Customer.

Software Referral Commission

Referral Type


New Customer (1)

Sourced Referral


Joint Sale


Upgrade (2)

All types


(1) “New Customer” Referral Commissions are applicable when an opportunity registered in Partner Center Portal is a new customer for OutSystems with a 12-month subscription payable by the End-Customer. All subsequent subscriptions beyond the 1st transaction of the 1st year, are subject to “Upgrade” only, and per the invoicing schedule agreed with the End-Customer. "Joint Sale" commission percentage is applicable to opportunities referred by OutSystems to the Partner or for which the Partner is engaged by OutSystems during the sales cycle. “Sourced Referral” commission percentage is applicable if the prospect registered by the Partner is unknown to OutSystems at the deal registration date.

(2) “Upgrade” considers a renewal subscription related to the subscription of additional software not previously subscribed.

For software subscriptions, where OutSystems relies on the Partner to directly invoice the End-Customer, (1) applicable commissions are discounted on the applicable Order Form (2) on the Renewal, partner will be entitled to a 5% reseller discount.

Benefits applied to the closing of an opportunity that includes a partner are described in the active partnership agreement, regardless of the date of registration of the opportunity.

OutSystems reserves the right to cap the Referral Commissions to a maximum of € 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Euros) per deal.

In order to remove this cap, OutSystems will need to explicitly approve it (by email) before the deal is closed.

For a commission to be considered valid, the Channel Partner must have a registered opportunity via the Partner Center portal  (1) prior to the existence of an OutSystems opportunity or (2) added to an existing opportunity prior to the 50% sales stage and not later than 60 days prior to close.  OutSystems reserves the right to audit partner contributions and adjust commissions based on the following criteria:

  • Meeting Participation (List Meetings, Dates, Partner Participants, Customer Participants)
  • Presentations delivered to Prospect
  • Run Demo or Prototype (Scope, Duration, Target audience)
  • Conduct Proof of Concept or Workshop
  • C-suite and/or other prospect introductions (Names and Positions)
  • Reference Calls (List Meetings, Dates, Partner Participants, Customer Participants)
  • Projects Sizing and Proposal
  • Completed RFI or RFP
  • Other Contribution
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