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Partner Program



OutSystems uses the following qualification criteria to evaluate and accept a prospective partner to join the Program.

Business Overview

- What is your company’s unique value proposition? 

- In which countries/states do you have offices?

- In which countries/states do you generate the majority of your revenue?

- How many customers do you have?

- In which Industries and segment(s) do you focus on? (SMB, Commercial, Enterprise, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Local/State/Federal Government, etc…)?

Team Structure

- How many employees do you have?

- How many billable business consultants do you have?

- How many billable technical consultants do you have?

- How many marketing employees do you have?

- How many sales employees do you have?

Business Model

- What is your business model? (services, resell, consultancy, sourcing, BPO, products, etc.)? 

- Is your company doing custom application development? 

- What is the typical price of an application development project?

- What % of total company revenue comes from application development?

- How many new customers do you plan to acquire in the next year?

Technical Skills

- What technologies do you use for application development?

    - How many .NET Web developers do you have?

    - How many Mobile developers do you have?

    - How many UX / Designers do you have?

- Which countries are your development teams located?

    - Onshore vs Offshore percentage

    - What roles in each office?

- What is your typical delivery team make up? (i.e. 1 Tech Lead, 1 Delivery Manager, 3 Devs? etc)

    - What is the typical distribution of team’s location (i.e. TL and DM on-shore, Devs off-shore, etc)

- How do you drive adoption of your other technology partners? 

Our Partnership

- What is your role in your company?

- Who is responsible for partnerships with vendors at your firm?

- Why are you interested in partnering with OutSystems?

- How would you like to partner with OutSystems? (e.g. sales, delivery, ISV, MSP)

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