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Partner Program




One of the benefits of being an OutSystems Partner is privileged access to platform licenses. These licenses are for our partners to gain hands-on product knowledge, to develop implementation skills, to demonstrate the platform features to prospects and begin to develop Business Solutions. As part of the partnership agreement, OutSystems distributes the following software licenses to every partner, aligned with their needs:

Demo License (DL). DL is a Cloud license provided to all Partners and is to be used for demonstrating the OutSystems platform, presenting standard demos, or building customized demos per customer request. Partner staff can also use it for internal education, and to build small components, accelerators with a limited scope. It is strictly forbidden by the Master Subscription Agreement to use this license to build or operate customer-specific applications for any end-customers.

Internal License (IL). IL is an on-prem license made available to Sales or Delivery authorized Partners for non-commercial internal use and for the development of Business Solutions. It is not to be used for the access and usage of external end-users, prospects, for the development of ISV or MSP offerings, or any other 3rd party. It is strictly forbidden by the Master Subscription Agreement to use this license to build or operate customer-specific applications for any end-customers.

Trial License (TL). TL is an evaluation license issued by request, provided to a prospective customer, to allow the Partner to showcase OutSystems features through proof of concept (PoC), whenever applicable. May also be issued by OutSystems to prospective Partners that need to test the platform in an enterprise environment.

Grants and Restrictions of Use

Demo and Internal licenses are provided as part of the Partner Program and have a one-year term aligned with the partnership renewal date. Licenses are renewed automatically to eligible Partners in good standing if:

  • Partnership Agreement is signed and not revoked by any party, on a yearly basis.

  • Partner attains the Partner Program Authorizations.

  • Partner is in compliance with the Master Subscription Agreement available online or any other document signed by both parties.

  • The payment of the applicable annual Partner Program Fee is confirmed unless stated otherwise.

Misuse of these licenses constitutes a material breach of the Partnership Agreement: the license shall not be re-sold and not used to build customer-specific applications for any end-customers, prospect-customers, or any other external party.

All licenses issued to the Partner are benefits of the partnership agreement, for Partner’s internal usage only, and not to be accessed by external end-users. The development team can be remotely located and access the OutSystems platform from abroad for implementation purposes - however, all the applications’ internal end-users must be located in the country where the Partner is registered as an OutSystems Partner.

Demo License (DL)

This license is available to Channel Partners, requested once the partnership agreement is signed and confirmed.

It is provided on a shared Cloud infrastructure, containing two (2) environments. DL is a non-production platform, free of charge and infrastructure costs, limited by AOs and the number of users. One On-premise Demo License is available upon request, please contact your Regional Channel Manager.

No license upgrades are allowed.

If the Partner doesn’t renew the partnership on a yearly basis, DL will expire. The access to the OutSystems platform features and application’s source code will be limited (no publishing is allowed after expiration), until its cancellation (applications become offline).

Internal License (IL)

This license is available to Channel Partners, once the partner becomes a Sales or Delivery authorized, and the contract is renewed.

The license is to be used only on the partner’s infrastructure, containing three (3) environments, exclusively on-premises for internal use and/or the development and management of Business Solutions. IL is a production platform without development limits. Partners will immediately migrate to the licensing upon partnership renewal.

No license upgrades or add-ons are allowed. In case you need a different configuration of internal/external users or deployment options, please contact your Regional Channel Manager.

If the Partner doesn’t renew the partnership on a yearly basis, IL will expire. The access to the OutSystems platform features and application’s source code will be limited (no publishing is allowed after expiration), until its cancellation (applications become offline). The former Partner can then buy a customer license.

Trial License (TL)

This license is available to Channel Partners, requested by OutSystems Solution Architects and issued in the name of a prospect customer upon Partner’s solicitation, per opportunity registered in Partner Center and accepted and approved by OutSystems.

It is provided on a dedicated Cloud infrastructure - may also be on-premises infrastructure - containing two (2) environments. TL is free of charge, limited by the number of users. 

It can be converted to a customer license automatically when the deal closes, subject to technical to validation.

Provisioning Process

Once requested, OutSystems usually takes up to 3 business days to complete the provisioning of each license. Both the financial and technical contacts of the Partner identified on the order will be receiving an onboarding email for each license.

For Cloud infrastructures, the email contains the endpoint of Development and Lifetime environments, together with the Activation Code.

For On-premises infrastructures, the email contains the Activation Code and the link to the Licensing Portal, where the infrastructure must be registered and the license file downloaded.

There are a few steps required for the Partner’s financial and technical contacts to complete in order to start using the infrastructures:

Platform Version

All Cloud infrastructures are set up on the latest OutSystems platform version, while On-premises infrastructures depend on the version you download - make sure you choose the latest stable version before you proceed.

Every time there is an upgrade, the partner's yearly subscriptions - DLs and ILs - must be updated too. More details about the upgrade of the OutSystems platform:

  • For Demo License (DL), available here.

  • For Internal License (IL), the same process as customer’s environments, available here.

Licensing Extensions

DLs and ILs expire at the partnership renewal date, thus the importance of ensuring your partnership agreement is in good standing. OutSystems may, at its discretion, apply an Extension Policy that allows the Regional Channel Manager to get an internal authorization to extend expired licenses. Extension Policy is applicable to one of the following situations:

  • At the license’s expiration date, Partner is re-evaluating the partnership based on the outcome of an open sales cycle.

  • OutSystems and the Partner were not able to renew the partnership before the license’s expiration date, due to Legal constraints.

To extend a license, please contact your Regional Channel Manager, which will facilitate the contact with the Licensing team.

TLs can be extended by the OutSystems Solution Architect, upon request, up to 6 months, conditional to an evaluation of the ongoing sales cycle by the OutSystems team.

Licensing Cheat Sheet


Demo License (DL)

Internal License (IL)

Trial License (TL)


Standard and customized demos

Internal use & Business Solution development only, non-commercial






(DEV + QA + PRD)




Up to 2400 AOs or 7GB of disk quota





100 internal 

100 internal & 10K external




Cloud or On-premises










Level 1


1 year (with the contract)

30+ days

Issuer in OutSystems

Licensing Team (with the contract)

Solution Architect (upon request)

Intellectual Property Protection (IPP)

The Intellectual Property Protection (IPP) feature ensures that applications developed in an infrastructure can't be deployed to another infrastructure without the developer’s consent.

Deployment of applications across all the environments of the same infrastructure is allowed but it is not possible to deploy applications to environments belonging to other infrastructures without explicit permission.

Every time that a Partner needs to deploy code developed in their infrastructure to a customer's Trial License (TL) or active license, the usage of the IPP portal is required.

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