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Partner Program


Partner Program

This document contains all of the Benefits and Requirements of the OutSystems 2021 Partner Program. In order to join the Partner Program, a prospective partner company must agree to the terms of the OutSystems Channel Partner Agreement (“Partner Agreement”) which is executed by signing an OutSystems Order Form for the territory covered.  

The program described below is active from January 1st 2021 to December 31st, 2021. OutSystems does not intend to make any changes to the 2021 Partner Program during the program duration. If any changes are made, Partners will be notified at least 30 days prior to such changes.

Program Overview

The Partner Program empowers partners to Deliver, Build and Run solutions using the OutSystems platform to existing and prospective OutSystems customers by:

- Delivering services that drive customer success 

- Providing sales and pre-sales expertise to reach more customers

- Accelerating project success through packaged best practices & Business Solutions

- Scaling OutSystems sales, pre-sales, and delivery teams

- Adding the vertical expertize to OutSystems Platform horizontal value

- Providing clients a fully managed service as a Managed Services Provider (MSP)

- Building and taking to market a defined product as an Independent Software Vendor (ISV)

The 2021 Partner Program includes three primary motions for partners to engage with OutSystems. The first is a sell-with model where OutSystems sells directly to the end customer and partners receive commissions for their value add. The second is a sell-thru model primarily used in the specified resell territories defined in this document. Sell-thru is a resell motion where partners purchase OutSystems products at a discount and resell these products to the end customer. The third is the ISV and MSP motions where Partners purchase the OutSystems platform to develop, deliver and manage products and/or services directly to their clients.

Partnership Territory

The partnership territory defined in the OutSystems Order Form means the geographically defined area in which the Partner Agreement is applied for the duration of the contract. When signing the order, the partner and OutSystems acknowledge a non-exclusive description of the country or countries where the partner can develop sales activity. Any changes to the territory are subject to the signature of a new agreement or addendum.

The partner must have a legal entity within the partner territory and operations in all countries that are part of the territory, meaning an office and a sales team. The partner’s delivery team may be located outside the territory, though in-territory resources are recommended. The partner’s location is the primary country within the territory with a legal entity. According to the location, the partner will be assigned to a Regional Channel Manager.

All Requirements and Benefits mentioned below are observed within the whole of the territory, meaning that the partner activity and achievements are measured and evaluated jointly for all countries included in the territory.


An affiliate, subsidiary, or acquired company cannot avail itself of the rights provided under a parent or affiliated entity’s Partner Agreement without the written consent of OutSystems. In certain cases OutSystems may permit affiliates to aggregate certain information for the purposes of measuring minimum requirements for participation in the Program. In the case of acquisitions, mergers or other business combinations, the membership of the surviving entity will determine the territory coverage and authorizations to the newly formed entity.


The OutSystems Partner Program has a set of authorizations that entitles the partner to different Requirements and Benefits, depending on the capabilities, goals and go-to-market strategy of the partner. The available authorizations are Sales, Delivery, MSP and Global System Integrator.

The entry point for a new partner who signs the OutSystems Partner Agreement is a Registered partner. OutSystems expects that a Registered partner attains Sales, Delivery and/or MSP authorization within 12 months from the signature date of the Partner Agreement. Partners can earn authorizations on a monthly basis based on the attainment of Sales, Delivery and/or MSP Partner authorization requirements. Partners will only be entitled to the benefits after they meet the authorization.

Sales Authorized partners are expected to present, demo, build prototypes, and conduct workshops, proofs of concept (POCs), and technical deep dives while adding their business and vertical expertise. Sales partners are also expected to introduce OutSystems to new accounts and source new sales opportunities. 

Delivery Authorized partners are expected to scope and size project proposals, create services contracts, influence potential customers, deliver value and drive customer success and adoption. Prior to receiving Delivery Authorization, partners are expected to co-deliver with OutSystems to help ensure customer success and facilitate partner enablement. Non-authorized delivery partners must be supported by OutSystems in the delivery of their first projects. This support will be provided either via a co-delivery contract or via services bought by the partner, in order to attain a high delivery quality and customer adoption.

MSP Authorized partners are expected to sell, build, deliver and operate managed services on behalf of customers.  In addition to building expertise and/or assets, these partners purchase OutSystems licenses to utilize in the managed service they provide to named customers.

The authorization of Global System Integrator is based on meeting specific requirements and is granted by invitation only. It is suited to large consulting firms with a wider geo coverage and high revenue income. The same Benefits and Requirements for Sales, Delivery, and MSP Authorizations apply. 

Partners that desire to build and operate a defined product on the OutSystems platform can secure an ISV License that enables this motion.  As part of that license, OutSystems ISVs can choose to participate in the “Powered by OutSystems” program to be announced in early 2021. There is no ISV specific Authorization.

OutSystems will evaluate the partners’ compliance with the requirements for each held authorization at the end of each calendar year. At this time, partners who do not meet the requirements for either Sales, Delivery or MSP Authorization will be considered Registered partners. Such partners will have 12 months to attain Sales, Delivery or MSP Authorization, or will be removed from the Program in accordance with the terms of the Partner Agreement.


Partners will receive the benefits listed based on their achieved authorization.






Access to  Demo License

Access to Internal License


Sales & Pre-Sales Enablement

Assigned OutSystems Solution Architect


Partner Profile in


Participation in Business Solution Program


Access to co-brandable lead gen collateral

OutSystems Conferences & Events

Eligible to Attend, Sponsor, Exhibit for a fee

Innovation and Partner Awards


Eligible for co-marketing funds


Marketing On-boarding (1)


Technical On-boarding (2)


Public Bootcamp seat with Certification Exam (3)

1 seat

Support Case Escalation (4)

5 per year

Online Certifications Vouchers

6 exams

Discount on Training and Professional Services for self-consumption

15% off country price list 


(1) Marketing onboarding consists of a 60 minute meeting to explain the components and navigating Partner Center and Partner Guide; how to execute important tasks including creating your partner profile; ensures you are aware and sign up for all the communication channels; review all the marketing messaging, assets, ready to use materials available to all partners. The outcome is to make the partner 'marketing ready' and able to start developing their pipeline.

(2) Technical on-boarding consists of a kick-off meeting with a Partner Success Manager, to present the partner enablement playbook and align on the onboarding tasks, including team skills evaluation, application assessment and training plan to bridge the skills gap for the first project. 

(3) Partner informs an OutSystems Global Training Partner of the intention to use a free seat for a specific Boot Camp and gets confirmation of available seats. Another way is for the Partner to apply to a bootcamp directly on the Learn section of the website. OutSystems Training team verifies and confirms by email to the OutSystems Training Partner that the Partner is entitled to attend.

(4) Support case escalation to help the Partner evaluate, escalate, and follow-up support tickets.


Partner requirements are based on the authorization type. Partners are considered Registered partners until achieving the requirements listed below for Delivery, Sales, and MSP authorization. To retain the authorizations each year, the partner must continue to fulfill the requirements and be compliant at the end of the calendar year.






Software Sales

Joint Business Plan


Partner-sourced Opportunities (1)



2 Opportunities that reach at least 25% sales stage or 100K EUR in new license ARR


1 new client per year (2)


Certified Professionals

Associate Sales



2 individuals

1 individual

Associate Pre-Sales


1 individual

1 individual

Associate Developer


2 individuals


2 individuals

Associate Tech Lead or 

Professional Developer or 

Expert Developer


1 individual


1 individual

Professional Platform Ops Engineer


1 individual

Customer Success

Customer Reviews score >= 4 out of 5  




Projects with Customer Reviews (3)


2 new projects per year


1 new MSP project per year


OutSystems Partner Agreement signed

Annual Cloud Demo Environment Fee


Annual Fee for Subsidiaries

Only required for access to Partner Licenses

(1) Partner sourced is defined as an opportunity registered and accepted in the Partner Center portal where the prospect customer or specific opportunity registered is located in the Partnership Territory defined in the OutSystems Order Form and is unknown to OutSystems at the opportunity submission date.

(2) MSP Client agreement means the Partner has signed an OutSystems MSP license agreement to secure software to be used for a named client.

(3) The Projects must be registered in the Partner Center by the Partner, having at least one response collected from the contacts provided.The date to be considered is the date on which the CSAT survey response is received from the customer." OutSystems has the permission to contact end-customers to request Customer Reviews as part of an ongoing quality assurance process.


GSI Authorization Requirements

To be invited to participate in the Global Systems Integrator (GSI) program, a GSI must meet the following requirements:

- $2B+ in annual revenues 

- >65% of revenue services-based 

- Customers and operations in every GEO (Americas, APAC, and EMEA)

- 50+ Developer Certifications globally with 1 Lead/Professional for every 3 Associates

- Center of Excellence (COE) in at least on GEO, but multiple GEOs preferred

- Comply with Sales & Delivery Partner requirements in each country


The Partner will be paid Commissions as described below for the successful close of opportunities referred by the Partner to OutSystems or referred by OutSystems to the Partner to participate in a joint sale and earn co-sell commissions.. The Partner must register a partner-sourced opportunity using the Partner Center portal. For Opportunity  Qualification criteria please use the Discovery Qualification Guide available on Partner Center. The Partner will receive notification within five (5) business days as to the disposition of the registration request. Approved registrations are valid for 180 days from the date approved. At its sole discretion, OutSystems may grant an extension or renewal of the Registration Term before the Deal Registration expires.

Software Commissions are only applicable to software subscriptions contracted with the End-Customer that have an approved opportunity registration and partner contributions are entered in the Partner Center portal prior to the close of the opportunity. Commissions are payable in accordance with the provisions of the Partner Agreement, upon receipt of customer payments as per the invoicing schedule agreed with the End-Customer.

The Commission received is based on the Partner’s authorization level on the opportunity close date and the Partner’s Contribution to the sale. For partners having multiple authorizations with different entitlements, the highest Commission is applied.


Contract Type

Partner Contribution





New Customer (1)

Partner Sourced (2)




Co-Sell (3) 15% 0% 10%

Upgrade (4)










(1) “New Customer” Commissions are applicable when an opportunity registered in the Partner Center portal becomes a new customer for OutSystems, with a minimum 12-months subscription invoiced and payable by the End-Customer. Commissions applicable to all yearly subscriptions are available to the partner according to the invoicing schedule agreed with the End-Customer.

(2) “Partner Sourced” percentage is applied when the partner submits in the Partner Center an opportunity unknown to OutSystems at the registration date.

(3) "Co-Sell" percentage is applied when Partner contributes to the sale, documented by adding Partner contributions in Partner Center, when the deal is Partner Sourced or when OutSystems invites the partner to engage in a joint sale.

(4) “Upgrade” considers a transaction uplift on the current subscription with additional software not previously subscribed before the renewal contract date.

OutSystems reserves the right to cap the Commissions to a maximum of € 100,000.00 (one hundred thousand Euros) per deal, converted to opportunity’s currency based on the contributions of the Partner to the sales cycle.

For a Commission entitlement to be considered valid, the Partner must (1) have a registered opportunity in the Partner Center portal prior to the existence of an OutSystems opportunity, and (2) partner contributions entered in the Partner Center portal prior to the close of the opportunity. OutSystems reserves the right to audit partner contributions and adjust commissions based on the following criteria:

- Presentations delivered to Prospect

- Run Demo or Prototype (Scope, Duration, Target audience)

- Conduct Proof of concept or Workshop

- C-suite and/or other prospect introductions (Names and Positions)

- Reference Calls (List Meetings, Dates, Partner Participants, Customer Participants)

- Completed RFI or RFP


In specific countries and regions (Resell Territories), OutSystems go-to-market strategy is primarily a sell-thru resell model. Resell may be permitted in countries not listed below on an exception basis with written approval from OutSystems. 

Resell Territories


Mexico, Central America, South America, and Caribbean


Angola, Cape Verde, Greece, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, São Tomé e Príncipe, Estonia, Israel, Bahrain, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Mauritius, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates, Aruba, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Croatia, Bosnia Herzegowina, Serbia, Albania, North Macedonia, Israel, Egypt and Turkey


Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, East Timor, India, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines


Requirements for Resell

Partners must be Sales Authorized in order to resell. In addition, partners must meet the following requirements to be certified by Outsystems as an authorized reseller under the terms of the Partner Agreement:

Additional Requirements for Sales Authorized Partners


Pass a financial review and credit check by OutSystems

Have no delinquent past due debts to OutSystems

Demonstrate that Partner can meet the Reseller Terms and Conditions of the Partner Agreement

Resell Discounts

Instead of commissions, resell Partners receive a discount off OutSystems published list price based on the Partner’s authorization level on the opportunity close date. For partners having multiple authorizations with different entitlements, the highest discount is applied. Applicable resale discounts are described in the Reseller Discount table.

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