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Workflow Builder FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Workflow Builder in the following sections.

How can I register users for a certain environment?

Workflow Builder always authenticates users against the target environment's Service Center users previously configured through LifeTime.

If new users need access to Workflow Builder, you need to add them through LifeTime. If they want to publish applications, you must grant them publishing permissions in that environment too.

Can I configure different roles for users inside the Workflow Builder?

Yes. The first user registering in the Workflow Builder gets administrator access. This user can grant access to additional users after their first login to the Workflow Builder.

You can configure accesses in LifeTime using a service account. You need to have administrator privileges on LifeTime to perform this operation.

All valid LifeTime users with access to the target environment can log in and use the Workflow Builder. However, if they don't have publishing permissions for that environment, they can't publish applications using Workflow Builder.

Refer to How to set up the users Governance Model for more information.