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How to install or update dependencies

Workflow Builder has one dependency, the Case Management framework. To publish Workflow Builder apps, the environment must have the latest version of the Case Management framework.

To install or update this dependency, you must be a Workflow Builder admin, and follow these steps:

  1. Select your user name, and then select Settings.

  2. In the Dependencies tab, select Install CM framework manually.

  3. In the Install Case Management Framework dialog, select Download Case Management Framework and save the .osp file in your computer.

  4. Select Service Center console > Factory > Solutions.

  5. In Service Center, select Upload & Publish a Solution.

  6. Select Choose File and select the .osp file that you downloaded in step 3.

  7. Select 1-Click Publish.

  8. Validate if the Solution is successfully published by checking for a Done: The solution was successfully published message.

  9. In Workflow Builder, select the checkbox to confirm you completed all the steps, and then click on the Installation complete.

After completing these steps, Workflow Builder re-checks and updates the status of your dependencies.

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