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Product Updates

Product Updates
Look at what we've been up to!
July 17
OutSystems Insights Early Access Program
OutSystems Insights
Want to know if your development is on the right track? OutSystems Insights allows you to get engagement, customer satisfaction, and usage metrics, as well as contextual feedback, to ensure your success. These metrics will allow you to make fast and accurate decisions and deliver more value faster.
July 11
OutSystems Cloud -  Microsoft Azure
OutSystems Template for Microsoft Azure Marketplace
If you run your business in the Azure cloud and want OutSystems to be part of it, we have developed a way to get things up and running super-fast: the new OutSystems solution template for Microsoft Azure Marketplace. With a click of a button, you get an OutSystems 10 infrastructure with four environments. Once the setup is finished, voila! Your OutSystems infrastructure on Azure is configured according to OutSystems best practices.
July 9
Get Organized, Split Your Assigns
OutSystems Service Studio - Split Assigns
You know how it goes. It starts simple enough, but before you know it, your assigns have so much info and are so complex that what you need is to break them free from their current structure, right? Well, now you can split an assign by selecting the arrow in the corresponding assignment. Getting your structures in order is now just that easy.
June 29
OutSystems Blog
OutSystems IDE Quarterly Highlights for Q2 2018
In the second quarter of 2018, our focus was delivering features that would significantly increase developer productivity. Here are the highlights of what we accomplished. We think these little things will make a big difference.
June 18
Create Assignments for Unique Attributes
OutSystems Change Variable Type
For faster development, from now on, when you drag a record variable on an Assign node, it will expand, creating an assignment for each of its attributes.
Element Selection Improved
OutSystems Multiple Object Edition
Because speed is in our DNA, we have improved the Element Selection dialog to select the first match automatically, while doing the search and allowing users to use the keyboard arrows for selection.
Autocomplete in Expression Editor
OutSystems Autocomplete Service Studio
When you're editing expression values, autocomplete can be a life-saver, right? That's why we improved that experience for you. In the new Service Studio, you'll find a fine-tuned behavior that makes editing your expression values easier and faster.
June 14
OutSystems UI Framework
New Silk UI Mobile
There’s a new pattern in town! The latest version of Silk UI Mobile comes packed with improvements; there are new versions of RangeSlider and RangeSliderInterval patterns. A new parameter for Advanced Format allows you to customize at more complex levels. And, we have improved placeholder naming consistency, so, for example, you can now swap a Card for a Panel, without losing the placeholders' content.
OutSystems UI Framework
New Silk UI Web Version
The new Silk UI Web is full of helpful enhancements. The Calendar is updated, and there is improved Placeholder naming consistency.
June 11
OutSystems Platform Server
New Platform Server Version Released
Check out the improved submit user feedback experience! Also, in this version of Platform Server, you can now define the LifeTime Analytics retention data period using the Factory Configuration tool.
June 4
OutSystems Cloud Sentry
Announcing the New OutSystems Sentry!
When data is king, security is the top priority. With OutSystems Sentry, you get additional security, risk management, and monitoring on the industry’s fastest, most secure, and stable cloud environment. Safeguard your data with no loss of speed or agility.
May 25
Service Studio Tips and Tricks
OutSystems Documentation
Announcing a new documentation page with all the hot Service Studio tips and tricks! Want to learn about keyboard shortcuts or how to open multiple files? Can't remember that neat trick for expanding and collapsing trees? How about editing the properties of several elements in one go? These and many more in this brand new topic!
May 23
OutSystems Mobile Native
Accessible Domains for Your Mobile Apps
Your mobile apps can now have extra protection by only allowing HTTP connections to certain domains. However, if you still wish to give access to a set of unknown domains, you can, and your app will be able to access them.
New Way to Generate Entity Diagrams
OutSystems Service Studio Entity Diagram
Now’s the time to get your entity diagrams in order. Select the entities you want and then either drag them to the Preview area or right-click and select the new "Add to New Entity Diagram" option.The diagram is automatically arranged, and if an entity is already present in the diagram, it is not added.
Timestamp to Know What’s Up
OutSystems Service Studio Timestamp
Don't lose track of what happened. Service Studio now shows you the timestamp of every publish message, so that even if you look away, you know what the publish mechanism was up to. Also, you don’t have to rely only on your memory. Look at the timestamps instead; they will tell you when your last publish was.
May 21
OutSystems Blog
Setting Up the Ultimate Drag and Drop Component
Drag and drop is a natural interaction for moving things around the screen, and it’s likely you’ve been using it without even noticing, like when you move files from one folder to another on your computer. So now, you can learn how to build it.
May 11
OutSystems Blog
Empathy and Voice Assistants
To fully work, voice assistants will need to be provided with a lot more information about how our brains work. They will have to learn about us, the effort will be on their side.
May 7
Fast and Intuitive: Applications Lists Screen
OutSystems Service Studio App List
All your recent modules are now easily accessible on the left sidebar of the Applications List screen! Additionally, the search and filter capabilities have also been significantly updated to ensure you find what you're looking for more efficiently.
April 23
OutSystems Forge Components
New Version of the PinCode Component
Thinking of speed and functionality, the new version of PinCode comes with improved performance when registering and validating the pin.
April 16
Development Environment: Recent Modules
OutSystems Service Studio Modules Environment
You can now filter the Recent Modules list from the Environment menu by the current environment.
April 12
OutSystems Platform Server
New Platform Server Version
Submit your feedback, and we’ve got you covered! That’s why the latest version of Platform Server is a compilation of some amazing fixes that will assure even smoother salling for your deployments.
OutSystems documentation
A Product Design Team To Build a Product Your Users Love
If you're dreaming of building a great product, start by building a steady, strong and high-performance product design team. It'll see you through all phases of the project and keep the whole project focused on the end-users.
April 9
OutSystems Cloud
Internal Network Officially Available
To limit your application access by IP address, all you have to do is define the 'internal network' - the range of IP addresses allowed to access the most sensitive applications. Here's how it works: you submit a request to OutSystems support to set or re-configure the 'internal network', and then use the OutSystems developer environment to mark applications for 'internal access only'. This way, OutSystems console applications - Service Center, LifeTime, and Service Studio - become 'internal access only'.
April 6
OutSystems Blog
Quarter 1 Highlights: OutSystems IDE
Some amazing new features were added to the OutSystems IDE in the first three months of 2018. Many were suggestions from the OutSystems Community. This summary showcases the best.
April 5
OutSystems Blog
Full-Stack Visual Debugger: One Implementation at a Time
To build a solution that would debug mobile apps on both the client and the server-side, we had to evaluate systems, mechanisms, and approaches without destroying our entire platform. Here's how we did it.
April 4
OutSystems Cloud Offer
OutSystems PaaS Reaches London
The OutSystems PaaS is now available in the AWS region of London. London is the third European AWS region supported by our Enterprise Cloud offers, which now total 8 (3 in Europe, 2 in the US, 2 in Asia, and 1 in Australia).
April 3
OutSystems Blog
Do You Have an Idea?
Customer suggestions deserve love, so we launched a new experience for the Ideas area. An internal process makes it faster and easier to follow up on your ideas and stay in touch with the team implementing them.
April 2
OutSystems Blog
Virtual Reality Just Might Be the Next Power User interface
What do VR and power users have in common? This article explores the cognitive aspects of the human brain and how it relates to virtual reality.
March 29
OutSystems Blog
Careers at OutSytems: From Developer to Product Owner
Fortunately, at OutSystems, we’re not only agile in our development process and in our decision making process. OutSystems is also agile about people, roles and their contributions to the organization. Careers are well-drawn and you know exactly where you stand and what is expected from you in any given role. This also opens up the game for potential changes, as you know where you have to be if you want to change roles.
March 28
OutSystems Silk UI
Silk UI Web Prepared for iPhone X
Remember when Silk UI Mobile got ready for iPhone X? Well now Silk UI Web is ready as well! Silk UI Web Templates will automatically adjust the layout for the iPhone X and also provide a CSS class "iphonex" so you can use this information for customizations. There are a few other improvements for you!
March 27
OutSystems Mobile Native
Submitting Apps to the App Store
OutSystems has you covered. Submitting apps to the app store has changed, and we have already taken some steps in preparation for this change with a new Silk UI Mobile version. From April onward iOS applications will be built using the latest iOS SDK 11, so you can still deploy your apps in the Apple App Store, inline with Apple’s recent announcement.
Accelerate Expressions with Null Type
OutSystems Service Studio Null Type
In the Expression field, you have a list of several possible input/local/output variables, right? Well, if these expressions allow null values, Service Studio comes to your rescue by suggesting the correct null type.
Download App Packs in the Detail Screen
OutSystems Service Studio Download App
Need to quickly upload Forge components? Then we have good news: Service Studio now allows you to download the Application Pack (.oap) in the Application Detail screen without having to go to Service Center.
March 26
OutSystems Blog
How to Be a Product Owner When You Don’t Know the Product
Ever since becoming a product owner, there’s never been a dull moment. There are always times when the product is still somewhat unknown to me, where I deal with new peers, new dynamics, new jargon. Even though I love it, sometimes it’s quite a challenge. Based on my experience with dealing with this process several times, I want to share what I have learned.
March 16
OutSystems Blog
Creating and Animating Images with CSS
What happens when a front-end developer decides to turn an image into an elegant piece of code and animate it? Follow along as you find out.
March 15
OutSystems Silk UI
Silk UI Mobile Prepared for iPhone X
In preparation for the next MABS update, applications built with Silk UI Mobile will automatically adjust the layout for the iPhone X and also provide a CSS class "iphonex" so you can use this information for customizations.
March 14
OutSystems blog
Predictive Search with Autocomplete
Read our updated documentation and save yourself a few keystrokes. Learn how to implement a search field that suggests possible search terms as you type, using a pre-populated list.
OutSystems documentation
Dynamically Resize a Pop-Up Window
Manually resizing your pop-up windows is so outdated. To save yourself the effort, read our updated documentation and ensure successful dynamic pop-up window resizing.
March 12
OutSystems Engineering Blog
How To Set Up Swipeable Stacked Cards
With the meteoric rise in the use of touch screens on mobile devices, glamorous touch gestures have become a standard for interacting with applications. After all, most of us appreciate applications that pair good UI design with a “WOW factor” that enriches our experience, right?
March 5
Convert to Local Variables Made Easy
OutSystems Change Variable Type
Remember those cut-and-paste days? Long gone. Now you can quickly convert variables into local variables (for example, as inputs). It's as easy as it gets. Simply right-click the variable you want to convert, and you're done.
Bulk-Change the Properties of Several Objects
OutSystems Multiple Object Edition
Flows, screens, tree objects... you name it. From now on, you get to save time by changing multiple properties in bulk. Just select multiple objects, see where they differ and their common values, and change whatever you want.
Shortcut Keys Integrated in Service Studio
OutSystems Shortcut List
On the heels of our previous version, we took shortcut keys one step further and fully integrated them into Service Studio. All you have to do is open the Help menu, or enter Ctrl+Shift+K to access the full list. Not only that, but the shortcuts themselves are now more consistent.
March 2
OutSystems blog
Scalable Database Queueing
OutSystems allows processing events at ridiculous speeds! Our laboratory tests revealed that the pipeline can handle impressive amounts of sustained throughput. Our customers have started to deliver solutions that can batch process peaks of 400,000 payments in minutes. But they also had other ideas. So, we had to act. Here’s how it all went down.
OutSystems documentation
Empower Your Apps with Mobile Plugins
Shameless plug: OutSystems plugins allow your mobile apps to do more, better, and faster. Whether you download our plugins and use them out-of-the-box or create your own - there's a ton to choose from for iOS and Android. You can choose to learn more about OutSystems plugins, or create your own with Apache Cordova components.
March 1
OutSystems training
Take the Lead
Becoming an OutSystems tech lead is now easier than ever. Learn how to design, size, and build a functional OutSystems solution based on business needs and drivers. This training also includes leading the delivery team, ensuring teamwork, and controlling the progress of the project.
February 26
LifeTime Performance and Experience Improvements
OutSystems LifeTime Experience
You told us you wanted much faster LifeTime performance for larger application portfolios, and we listened. Now you’ll experience response times up to 10x faster while browsing through applications and preparing deployments! If that’s not enough, we added search capabilities so you can easily find and deploy the apps you need.
OutSystems Platform Server
Uniquely Identify Your Mobile App Logs
Just when you think mobile application logs can't get any better, we go ahead and make them better anyway. Logs are now tagged with a device identifier, so it’s even easier to track issues in a particular device. Searching for a device identifier will help you understand the impact of a given error in the user base. It will also identify how many different devices are being affected.
OutSystems Platform Server
Core Business Processes: Scalable Database Queueing
OutSystems allows processing events at ridiculous speeds. The Light Process Execution mode is used for large-scale event-driven processes that handle several thousands of events per day. Simpler processes that don't need to be tracked run much faster, which increases the event-processing throughput.
February 23
OutSystems blog
The Evolution of Low-code
Software development is changing. The image of a developer chained to a desk, hand-coding and struggling, no longer needs to happen. Developers have been brainwashed into being unproductive because someone had them believe craftsmanship is the way to go. But evolution goes on, and developers can now escape from this oppressive reality. The struggle is no longer real.
February 20
Shortcuts: Now in the Help Menu
OutSystems Service Studio Shortcuts
We overhauled the shortcuts in the Development Environment and also included a new entry in the Help menu, where you can open the Shortcuts documentation page. Oh, and that menu entry has its own shortcut as well: Ctrl+Shift+K.
Extract to Action: All About Parameters
We’re always paying attention to your feedback, so we took improving extracting to action seriously. To simplify generated actions, in the new Development Environment, we removed unnecessary input parameters for Site Properties and Session Variables. We also reduced the number of input parameters for record elements.
February 19
OutSystems Silk UI
Navigation Refreshed
If any of your pages, other than the landing page, had PullToRefresh, it would not work. And since we don’t like it when things don’t work, we fixed that. So now there’s no problem when you navigate between two pages with the option set as true.
February 16
OutSystems blog
How to Build the Ultimate Reusable Web Chat Component
What if you could build a web chat component that you can reuse as many times as you want, that’s independent from specific scenarios, and that you can integrate in any application with only a few different configurations? Is this a dream? No, not at all.
February 9
OutSystems blog
Make OutSystems Apps Stand Out: Splash Screen Customization
A splash screen might feel like too simple a thing, but when it’s done right, it creates a super user experience. When customized to your application’s look and feel, it is seamless and fluid.
February 7
OutSystems Silk UI
Silk UI Mobile Refreshed
Who likes empty screen spaces? No one, so we fixed that for you. The PullToRefresh feature was creating an empty space on the screen, if controlled by a local variable and disabled. But not anymore.
February 2
OutSystems blog
Using Icon Fonts in OutSystems
OutSystems applications come with Font Awesome by default. But sometimes you’ll have a type of application like a weather app that needs specific icons to represent conditions such as light showers, partly sunny, or hail. In those cases, you’ll need need custom icons. So, how can you use custom icons in the OutSystems IDE? Let’s take a look.
February 1
OutSystems documentation
Looking to Sync Offline?
Read our documentation to ensure a successful offline sync implementation. Learn about the logic flow in the client and server and how to automatically or manually trigger the sync. And, if you like things neat and organized, don’t miss the Sync Framework Reference, where we detail all the parts of the framework for syncing data between the server and the application.
January 29
Open Multiple Files Simultaneously
OuSystems Service Studio Open Multiple Files
Get ready to multitask in multiple files. The new version of Service Studio now allows you to open multiple files from the server at the same time. If you usually work with related modules with similar names, you can search them and select as many as you want! By the way, you can also open multiple files from a drive.
What You See is What You Get: Application Icon
Now, in Service Studio, the application icon is used as home module icon and logo. That’s right, the classic red OutSystems logo is now replaced by whatever you choose for your application and it’s displayed inside the app, for example in the login screen.
Native App Shell Logging
Want to gauge the success of your mobile apps more effectively? The OutSystems Mobile Apps Build Service launched a new native logging mechanism, which provides full visibility of all errors that may occur in mobile apps while running on end user devices.
January 24
Products, People and Purpose
OutSystems makes development faster for existing developers. And makes it possible for everyone else. Our Product Designer, Tiago Simões shares his inspiring OutSystems story.
January 19
OutSystems training
Play the Front-End Developer Role
Now’s the time to be who you’ve always wanted to be. Develop custom or adapted Silk UI Mobile patterns. Provide a live (mobile) style guide and sample pages. Optimize your user interface for maximum performance and scalability. Follow the front-end developer path!
January 12
OutSystems training
Become a Tester in OutSystems
Want to explore the implementation and execution of tests in OutSystems while ensuring the quality of your OutSystems applications? Then this training is right up your alley. It shows you how to establish a testing strategy and execute tests during development iterations and in tests.
January 9
New Blog Post: Testing Mobile Apps
To deliver appealing mobile applications, companies should thoroughly test their products to ensure that only high-quality apps are released. Testing mobile applications is not the same as software testing. For the companies that develop mobile applications, this process is difficult and time-consuming. But, if they persevere, the results are worth it.
January 5
VSTS Connector
A new component is out there! With the Visual Studio Team Services connector, you can manage source code, requirements, projects labs, testing and release, and get automated builds and reporting.
Get Some Feedback in the VSTS Connector
If you don’t know how to live without the VSTS connector but you’re missing the feedback capability, those days are over. The App Feedback to VSTS connector now allows you to get feedback in the VSTS connector. All you need to do is to configure it.
January 3
Extract to Action is Now Available
Service Studio Extract to action
Reusing complex logic that you created in a different place eases the refactoring process and gives you re-architecture super powers.Yes, it’s  now possible to extract logic into a reusable action by selecting the flow elements and simply choosing “Extract to Action” after right-clicking the selection. No more being lost in code!
Automatic Text Merge
Okay, Christmas is over. But what can we say? OutSystems is the gift that keeps on giving. So... you know when you and another developer edit the same JavaScript and madness happens? Well, that’s so 2017. From now on, there will be an automatic merge of non-conflicting text elements.
January 2
Silk UI Mobile Version 1.5.2
In Android, you could drag the screen horizontally even if there was nothing to display. Who needs that? Now, you can only scroll vertically. Much better!
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