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Product Updates (Internal)

Product Updates (Internal)
Have a look at what we've been up to!
August 11
Box Connector: New Version
We made your Box Connector more awesome! We implemented a new JWT Authentication mechanism, and we upgraded the component to the last API version. Now you can upload larger files and have multiple app users.
New Component Available: Box UI Elements
We just released a brand new component! The new Box UI Elements allows you to upload and preview files. Box UI Elements are pre-built UI components that allow developers to add elements of the main Box web application into their own applications. And we have a video showing you how all of this works!
August 10
New Documentation: Configure Mobile App Authentication
We published a new topic to describe the authentication mechanism for mobile apps, which guides you through the steps to configure the authentication settings.
August 9
Import Resources: Development Environment 10.0.613.0
You can now import resources by dragging and dropping multiple files with any kind of extension to the Resources folder. We also improved a few things for you, namely the stability of the TrueChange panel.
August 8
JavaScript Events Unmasked: How to Create an Input Mask for Mobile
Imagine this: there you are, minding your own business, coding your time away. And then someone walks in and asks you to build an input mask for mobile applications using pure JavaScript (no external libraries!). Based on a true story! Glauber Corrêa shares the process of creating the Input Masks component, and the many lessons learned!
August 7
Silk UI Web Version 3.1.7 Released
There was an issue when you previewed apps using the preview in devices, so we fixed that!
August 4
Silk UI Mobile Version 1.4.2 Released
Swipe animations just got better! You can now disable them in the Tabs and Carousel patterns! And we improved so many other things!
August 2
New Documentation: Mobile Best Practices
We released the OutSystems Mobile Best Practices! Want to deliver amazing mobile apps and don't know where to start? In this new document, you will find all the tips and insights to make your apps shine!
Tabs Placeholder: Silk UI Web 3.1.6
We have a cool new thing for you! We added a placeholder for an input in the Tabs pattern so you can know in which tab the user is in. We also fixed a few issues.
July 28
New Documentation: Mobile Troubleshooting
We have some new content to help you troubleshoot your mobile app! We improved some existing topics and published a new topic to guide you in solving the most common problems.
July 27
Updated Documentation: SQL Azure Support
Now that OutSystems supports SQL Azure, we updated the installation and pre-requisites documentation, including the platform server and database configurations for .NET.
July 26
New Mobile Native Shell
We released a new native shell with some changes that greatly improve the robustness of OutSystems generated native apps! Among the improvements, we want to highlight the reduction of error screen occurrences, and that fact that upgrades are much less prone to failure, due to new re-architecture.
July 25
New Documentation: External Authentication in LifeTime
Learn how to use and configure the External Authentication Provider.
Support of Azure SQL: Platform Server 10.0.604.0
This new version has two cool new things for you: support of Azure SQL using database authentication and locale convention definition when configuring connections to external Oracle databases. Oh, and we improved a few things too!
July 21
Development Environment 10.0.611.0 Released
We put on our fixing garment and improved a few things for you! For example, the TrueChange tab now displays a warning when a Structure has two attributes with the same "name in JSON".
SOAP Web Services Logging: Platform Server 9.1.609.0
We improved the logging capabilities when consuming SOAP Web Services: you can now configure the logging level for each consumed service. We also fixed a few issues that were a bit annoying!
July 14
Silk UI Web Version 3.1.5 Released
We are always thinking about your needs, so this new version will no longer have a rendering problem in the Calendar pattern!
July 4
Silk UI Mobile Version 1.4.1 Released
The Calendar pattern just got better! We fixed the CSS for the event's color, as well as an issue with the z-index of selected inputs. We added a few orientation improvements as well.
June 29
Development Environment 10.0.609.0 Released
For this new version of the Development Environment, we fixed a few issues related to external dependencies.
June 28
New Features to Accelerate Mobile App Development
Go pay Silk UI website a visit and be amazed! The completly revamped website has lots of amazing new videos and tutorials, as well as new features! Start your app from an App Template, with its beautiful pre-built screens, navigation, business logic and data structures geared to address the most common mobility needs. Follow up with the amazing Theme Customizer to produce sharp, rich user experiences without extensive knowledge of design. We also released more patterns, and components!
June 19
Platform External Authentication: Platform Server 10.0.603.0
Platform Server version 10.0.603.0 features platform external authentication for Cloud installations. Now, our clients can offload the authentication of their platform users to third-party authentication providers. This way, they can use their preferred authentication mechanisms to authenticate system users. We also want to highlight the improvements we did in the generation of mobile apps: now you can configure and generate a mobile app for a given platform while the other platform is still being generated.
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