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How to update module references


How can I update consumer modules when I change a producer module?

For example, when I add a column to an entity, how do I automatically update the references across all modules that consume the entity?


You have several options to guarantee the consistency between modules.

You can just publish:

  • You can publish your Producer module.
  • Then, use the Add/Remove Dependencies button to update the references to your Producer module.

You can reflect current changes, even without publishing:

  1. On the development environment, open both modules, Producer and Consumer;
  2. Click on the Module menu and on the Refresh Consumer button, as shown below;
  3. Continue changing your consumer application;
  4. Later, publish your changes all at once.

update references.png

You can guarantee the consistency between all the modules in your application:

  1. Use the Publish button available at the application level, as shown below;
  2. OutSystems Platform redeploys all the modules that are part of the application, updating all the references between them.

update references2.png

You can guarantee the consistency of modules split between different applications:

  1. Create a Solution on Service Center (Factory > Solutions > New solution);
  2. Include all the modules you need as Components of your Solution;
  3. Publish the Current Running Version of your Solution;
  4. OutSystems Platform redeploys all modules of the solution, updating the references between them.

update references3.png