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How to republish your factory


How to quickly republish all the components on an environment?


Create a solution that contains all the components deployed on the environment. This is a common practice in OutSystems Factory management. Use the solution to:

  • Refresh references;
  • Republish eSpaces after an update or upgrade;
  • Perform some troubleshooting tasks.

If you don't have an "All Components" solution, just create it:

  1. Go to Service Center, under Factory -> Solutions, click on "New Solution";
  2. Name it "All_Components";
  3. Go to the components Tab, in the text box type in an asterisk ('*');
  4. Click the "Associate" button.

If you already have an "All Components" solution:

  1. Go to the components Tab, in the text box type in an asterisk ('*');
  2. Click the "Associate" button.

To republish your whole factory, click the Publish button for the "Current Running Version", but remember to activate the option "Publish with Full Compilations".

There is generally no need to create tags for this solution. If you create tags, remember that publishing a tag may revert some applications to the version that was published when you tagged the solution.

All system components will be a part of this solution, except for Service Center. To republish Service Center as well, run the SCInstall script located in your platform installation folder before publishing the "All_Components" solution.