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How to include the Menu in the Header


How can I put the menu inside the header?


Yes, but you must take in consideration the scaffolding behavior, which assumes that the Menu and Header Web Blocks exist on your theme.

If you want to merge both blocks, you must do the following:

  1. Copy the content of the Menu Web Block (Application_Menu container) to inside of the Header Web Block above the Application_Title container;
  2. Copy also the Input parameters and actions (if they exist) to the Header Web Block;
  3. On the Properties of your theme, on the Web Blocks section, replace the Menu Web Block by the Header and clear the Header like shown on the image below.
  4. Adjust the CSS for the look and feel of your application to look correct.

unnamed (3).png

The platform uses some CSS classes to recognize a Web Block as the Menu Web Block. Therefore, you cannot just use the Menu Web Block inside the Header Web Block.

For more information about theme configurations, see Theme Properties.

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