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Password Reset Flow Web

The Password Reset Flow Web allows you to easily integrate a password reset scenario into your web app. Copy this sample flow into your application, provide an entry and exit point and you’re all set.


How to Use the Password Reset Flow Web

The flow contains two different flows and three different screens:

  • Emails flow
    • PasswordReset
      This is the email template that is sent to the user. You can customize it to fit your application's look and feel.
  • PasswordReset flow
    • PasswordReset screen
      This screen is your entry point for the Password Reset scenario. The user provides an email or phone number and then receives an email with a validation code.
    • PasswordResetForm
      The user must validate the provided code and upon success reset his password. If the code expires, the user can request a new one.

Using the Password Reset flow required you to configure your environment to send emails.

Implementing the Password Reset Flow

1. Download the Password Reset Flow, and open the PasswordResetFlowWeb module.


2. Copy the UserResetToken entity and paste it in your application's module.


3. Copy the PasswordReset email under the Emails flow and paste it in your application's module.


4. Copy the entire PasswordResetFlow flow and paste it in your application's module.


5. Copy the entire PasswordReset folder and paste it in the Server Actions folder, in the Logic tab.


6. In your application, in the PasswordResetForm screen, in the SetPassword action, change the destination when the reset is successful.
    a. We recommend using the  Users/User_Login action to log in the user and redirect to the homepage.
Or redirect to the Login screen.

Pasted image at 2017_11_06 11_33 AM.png

7. Add a destination link to the PasswordReset screen in the Login screen.


Customizing the Email

To create a better experience, you should customize the provided PasswordReset email. Alternatively, if you want to send multiple emails, you can create as many as you need.

Select the correct email to send in the Send action of the PasswordReset screen.

By default, the Password Reset Flow Mobile uses this PasswordReset email, so keep in mind that any customization will be applied to the Mobile Flow. For a custom mobile look, you can create a new email and change the SendEmail action to send the correct one.

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