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Password Reset Flow Mobile

The Password Reset Flow Mobile allows you to easily integrate a password reset scenario into your mobile app. Copy this sample flow into your application, provide an entry and exit point and you’re all set.

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How to Use the Password Reset Flow Mobile

The flow contains two different screens and three actions:

  • PasswordReset screen
    This screen is your entry point for the Reset Password scenario. The User provides an email or phone number and then receives an email with a validation code.
  • PasswordResetForm screen
    The user must validate the provided code and, upon success, reset his password. If the code expires, the User can request a new one. 
  • GetToken action
    Returns the Token of the User filtered by the provided 'SearchFilter'. SearchFilter is either the email or phone number.
  • RequestNewCode action
    Filter the User based on the provided Token and set a new Validation Code. This action also triggers sending an email with the new Validation Code.
  • SetPassword action
    Update the User's password with a Salted MD5 hash based on the provided password.

Using the Password Reset flow required you to configure your environment to send emails.

Implementing the Password Reset Flow

1. Download the Password Reset Flow Mobile and open the PasswordResetFlowMobile module.


2. Copy the entire PasswordReset folder inside the Server Actions in the Logic tab and paste it in your application’s module.


3. Copy the entire PasswordResetFlow flow and paste it in your application’s module.


4. In your application, in the PasswordResetForm screen, in the SetPassword action, change the destination when the reset is successful.
    a. We recommend using the Users/User_Login action to log in the user and redirect to the homepage.
Or, redirect to the Login screen.

Pasted image at 2017_11_06 11_46 AM.png

5. Add a destination link to the PasswordReset screen in the Login screen.

Pasted image at 2017_11_06 11_52 AM.png

Customizing the Email

To create a better experience, you should customize the email you sent to reset the password. The email is sent by the Password Reset Flow Web, so you need to create a new Web Application to host the email and the Action that sends it.

1. Create a new Web application.

2. Open the PasswordResetFlowWeb module.


3. Copy the UserResetToken entity and paste it in the new web app module.


4. Copy the PasswordReset email under the Emails flow and paste it the new web app module.


5. Copy the SendEmail Action in the Server Actions, in the Logic tab and paste it in the new web app module.


6. In your application, add references to the newly created Web Application.


7. Replace the SendEmail action inside the ResetOnClick of the PasswordReset screen, with the newly referenced action.
This will change the email from the PasswordResetFlowWeb to the one you just customized in the new web application.


8. Customize the email.

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