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In-App Chat Web Functions

The In-App Chat Web component requires a set of functions to work properly. See below their description.


The following functions are used by the In-App Chat Core component.

CreateSubjectId Create a new subject and returns its identifier.
If a title is provided, a subject with that title is created and the Id is returned.
If no title is provided, a new subject is created and the Id is returned.
  Title Create a Subject with the provided title. 
If no title is provided a new subject Id will be returned.
  SubjectId Returns a new SubjectId. If an error occurs, returns nullidentfier, otherwise, an id is returned.


DeleteSubjectData Delete the information related to the provided Subject.
  SubjectId Identifier of the Subject to delete.


GetUsersInConversation Retrieve User info from the specified conversation's member list
  SubjectId Identifier of the Subject from which to retrieve the members' list.
  UserInfoList Returns a list of User information.


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