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How to Configure the AWS Environment

When using the Elasticsearch component, if you choose AWS as your provider, you need to follow the steps below to set up the environment.

1. Access the Amazon Web Services website and log in using your credentials. If you don’t have an account, create one.

2. Create a new domain. If you already have a cluster you can skip this step.
    a. Insert the domain name and select a version (We don’t recommend the use of an old Elasticsearch version, some actions provided by the Elasticsearch component’s API is not supported by old versions).


b. In this step, configure the environment according to your needs.


c. In this step, choose the security method of your environment. AWS does not support the normal Basic Authentication method. We highly recommend the use of the IP block. For that, select the Allow access to the domain from specific IP(s) option and add the IP of your OutSystems environment.


d. In this step, review the configuration and confirm the creation.


3. The domain is created, which might take a few minutes.


4. When the domain status is active, the connection data will shown.
   a. The Endpoint link is the one that will be used in the ElasticsearchURL input paramenters by the Elasticsearch component to send requests and     receive responses.
    b. The Kibana link is the one to access the Kibana - a window with your Elasticsearch environment. It enables visual exploration of your environment.     Learn more about Kibana.


5. Now you have all that is needed to connect the Elasticsearch Mobile component to the AWS Environment: the ElasticsearchURL used to connect the Elasticsearch blocks and API actions with the provider.

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